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Pool Trick Shot Master

Pool Trick Shot Master v1.0.15.0Score
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Game introduction

A beautiful game that holds strong positions to this day, is capable of giving an inexpressible feelings. Pool Trick Shot Master is not just a billiards. Your goal is to pocket colour balls for the smallest number of strikes, earn gold stars and open more complex levels. Be prepared to use all your logic and skills to successfully pass exciting levels.

In order to feel the maximum game experience, we have taken care of creating comfortable playing conditions:

? 4 types of game levels
? 120+ game-level puzzles that need to be solved
? realistic game physics
? the best game controls among all mobile billiards
? generous and thoughtful reward system
? simple and precise cue tuning

The level map looks like a lively night city, which lives its own life, which will surely create the necessary game atmosphere.

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Pool Trick Shot Master


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