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Doom of Aliens

Doom of Aliens v1.3.125.0Score
  • @#$#...We are…@#¥@#...attacking aircraft
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Game introduction

@#$#...We are…@#¥@#...attacking aircraft…#$@. Falls on lv438 Planet…Breed…We need to breed…Queen Code:Reproduction ……

&&Game Feature&&

☆Players around the whole world can play together! ☆
? Whole new SLG mobile game “Doom of Aliens” is grandly on line!
? Join in the Alliance of China, play the role of the Alien with players from the rest of the world to invade the Earth!

☆ Drive your own Alien Aircraft ☆
? Build your own Alien Aircraft
? Drive the Alien Aircraft, roaming in the vast universe
? Command your team, destroy your enemies

☆ Train super team ☆
? Aliens, Robots, all kinds of soldiers make the conditions of battlefield change quickly
? Upgrade soldiers, research technology, no one can beat you

☆ Accelerate in building, have fun in PVE ☆
? Build and upgrade several parts of the aircraft at the same time
? Deploy the marching troops to win the battle

☆ Multiple ways to attack to make you satisfied! ☆
? Tactics Aircraft, AOE weapon, absolutely necessary in defense and offense
? Rail Gun, destroy the enemies’ aircrafts from a long distance
? Expedition, send out the assist aircraft to attack enemy

☆ Real time combat, one server, whole world ☆
? Choose your race, join your fleet, and conquer the whole universe with the players from all over the world
? Steady, precise and quick immediately translation system will make you feel no difficulty in communication with other players

Special Description


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