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Voxtale (Unreleased)

Voxtale (Unreleased) v2.3.05.0Score
  • ■■■ FEATURES ■■■? Build models in story
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Game introduction

■■■ FEATURES ■■■
? Build models in story mode and time-based challenges.
? Create your own models from scratch at Voxtales Factory.
? Customize your own base by placing your favorite models.
? Collect over +1000 cute, crazy and funny models.
? Explore a world of colorful islands.
? Get funny quips at every stage and loads of terrible humor.
? Build Voxtales wonderful landscapes with Screenys help and solve the mystery behind the Event.

We were waiting for you, Chosen-One! The world of Voxtale has been disjointed in a mysterious Event and only you can fix it. Objects, buildings, animals and even its inhabitants, everything is torn to pieces!

Screeny, a cute, bad-tempered and capricious robot, will guide you through your quest to reconstruct a world destroyed by chaos. Travel around the wonderful and insane islands and help its curious inhabitants to rebuild their lives cube by cube.

But beware! The source of chaos is still present as an unsettling Hypercube that will try to tear apart everything on its path.

How are you still reading this!? Put yourself at work! Theres dozens of islands with amazing landscapes to recover, thousands of models to build and millions of cubes to collect.

Can you solve the mystery of the Event? Would you be able to build our crazy models? Can you get along with Screeny, our cute and mean robot? Enter Voxtale to tell your own story and defeat the shape of destruction!

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Voxtale (Unreleased)

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