Rock of Destruction  v1.0.6

Rock of Destruction
Rock of Destruction
Rock of Destruction
Rock of Destruction
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Game description: Rock of Destruction is best crush game.
To be master of Rock of Destruction: get bigger and crush as many buildings you can while rolling down the mountain!

Rock Destruction is not only about crushing but also smashing !
Game Features:
- Destroy all buildings in front of your rock !
- Rock destruction and do not stop !
- Upgrade and improve your rock !

Rock destruction is only for fun, not couraging and incorrect behaviour. Just try to smash all things down and enjoy rock of destruction and get relax 😉

Have fun in Rock of Destruction.
  • Type: Interest Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
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  • Updated: 2018-7-12 11:34:51

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