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2048 Kitty Cat Island

2048 Kitty Cat Island v1.5.55.0Score
  • Connect the same image to catch as many
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Game introduction

Connect the same image to catch as many fish as possible.
You can expand the cat island with caught fish.
Build a paradise of cute cats with 2048 puzzles!

▼ catch fish
- Stir in the sea horizontally / vertically to assemble the same kind of fish.
- Catch fish are used for island expansion, building construction, cat adoption.
- If you catch the largest creature(2048, 4096, 8192...), you can move to the next island.

▼ Cat adoption
- Adopt 50 unique cat species in each island!
- Listen to the cats happily in Paradise you made with 2048 puzzles.

▼ Island Expansion
- Use fish or pearls to widen the island and build the building.
- There are 7 buildings in each island.

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