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Crazy Trucker

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  • Crazy Trucker is a real driving game, ca
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Game introduction

Crazy Trucker is a real driving game, carry different goods with different trucks to ear coins. Enjoy your truck racing time!

Choose a truck from your garage, and transport goods to specified location safely. Be careful while driving in bad weather, you may also need to deal with complex road condition such as desert and jungle, hold your steering wheel and start your truck racing journey!

Drive to earn coins, then unlock tons of trucks and goods. Racing with time, and be a crazy truck driver!

Crazy Trucker Features
- 3D driving game, with great gameplay
- 3 control modes, switch the one you like
- Lots of trucks and goods to unlock, driving to have endless fun
- Drive through the jungle and Desert, climb hill and drive crazily
- Upgrade the truck and goods to earn more coins
- Get free coins by complete your daily tasks

Crazy Trucker is a totally free game, download right now and have endless fun in this real driving game!

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