Roll A Joint  v1.2.0

Roll A Joint
Roll A Joint
Roll A Joint
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Game description: Break the bud, line it up, roll it, and smoke it by inhaling on the phone mic!
Show your iPhone friends an app theyll never get! Inhale on the phone mic to smoke! Great at parties!
  • Type: Simulation games
  • Language: english
  • Provides: unknown
  • Tariff: free
  • File size: 1840 KB
  • Downloads: 12399
  • Updated: 2011-6-13 17:27:51

Roll A Joint reviews

  • ko
    love so much
  • Legal
    I just couldn't believe someone actually came up with a game like this, woow!! I think it is so f neat,!! Dhats neat .
  • Amber
    If you go to ur friend and at night shes rude
  • Nut
    Roll a joint what a shit game
  • mayju956
    nice app 5
  • Baba
    How do you guys download this game
  • Santiago
    Just want to play it seems fun
  • AndroidGamesRoom User

  • AndroidGamesRoom User
  • Boo
    I want to win gufhfmdfhkjlgj
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Where should I click to download the game
  • ghjdjjsk
  • playa
    i love thus ganes its thr best
  • karabow
    This game it really cool
  • der
    Game ent working
  • Garrod
    Iam going to take it
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    oh noooo
    I was just in rehab
  • Minecraftboy
    Wired why would some one would make a game like des?
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    how to inhale
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