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Ninja Royale
Ninja Royale
Ninja Royale
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Game description: Fight! Quest! Heist!

Will you the ninja way? Battle for honor and riches against formidable bosses using combo attacks. Explore a world full of over a 100 (and ing!) treasures, items and weapons thatll help you grow stronger. Greet other players with friendly messages , or ambush them and steal their treasure!
  • Type: Action Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
  • File size: 16880 KB
  • Downloads: 2565
  • Updated: 2012-1-7 0:00:02

Ninja Royale reviews

  • hugbeaver
    Add this code ====== 7B3qk ===== in Ninja Royale and u will get a 3K damage weapon + 100K zeny for FREE!!
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    There's an item waiting for you, so use my Invite ID (7bHP2)
  • adasdas
    **#1 REFERRER - thebigiam1 **

    7w7M4 (Case Sensitive)

    Use code above to get your **BADGE OF BRIGANDAGE (3555 Atk 3555 Def)** + beginners pack inc DRAGON GEMS - 3000 Karma - 50,000 Zeny
  • jackson00000
    here is my invite code for ninja royale is working 100% here is my invite code 7L96k
  • superman
    my code is 7L96k
  • sebastian11044h
    Who uses this code in ninja royale gets an eighth of the 10 euro paysafecard addet me with skype under the name sebastiankillerxx and when ye have entered the code then gets her a psc I can make the Invite code is 7L96k respect to large and small letters the k at the end of the codes is a small k enter code at ninja royale and goodies get a lot of fun with the thing that you will get and have fun with the pSC, the pSC you will get on skype addet me with skype under the name sebastiankillerxx much fun
  • sebastian11044h
    Ninja Royale: Hello people if you want a code of 100% since then transmits it to the right place my Invite code is 7L96k please big and small letters respect the k at the end of the codes is a small k
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Use atVU for a great stater kit!
  • mike9117
    fun game use my code Qau7 to get Hebimarus Venom
  • stark
    Use my invite code for great rewards

  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    New users please use my invite Id # x76G. Thank you
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Ninja Royale Invitation Code for Rewards!

    Code: x6um.
    Information how to enter.
    1.- Go to the "Info" at home.

    2.- Click the 2nd banner to the top right.

    3.- Click "Enter friend id" 

    4.- Enter the code "x6um"

    5.- Send and claim your prizes!

    (Prizes are in the backstock section!)

  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Hi! Can you please add my invite ID of the game ninja royale: SbGL

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