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Monopoly Classic HD
Monopoly Classic HD
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Game description: Enjoy the new mobile version of the classic game MONOPOLY – brought to you by EA. With all the original locations, tokens and rules, MONOPOLY recreates the flavour, feel and deal-making action of the world’s most popular board game. The game features the board game’s fresh new look for 2011 including for the first time MONOPOLY’s very own currency. Choose from all your old favourite tokens, get deal making and own it all to win!

Game has a multi 4+1 lang support

Eng US/Eng UK, French, Deutsch, Espanôl
  • Type: Chess Games
  • Language: Simplified chinese
  • Provides: EA
  • Tariff: Free
  • File size: 39950 KB
  • Downloads: 31569
  • Updated: 2012-1-11 18:16:26

Monopoly Classic HD reviews

  • gameboy
    It downloads less than 2 minutes
  • Spidey shad
    Hi thanks for this game works perfectly....but the download is super slow!!!
  • The black hat
    Slow as hell
  • LadyDeath
    The download is slow, but I'm on a galaxy s3 that is also pretty slow. That might explain it. I'm glad I found this though, thank you :)
  • Killah
    It took 17 seconds to download! Great game
  • coop68
    Playing for life
  • SuperSteve101
    Not t to slow
  • Tay
    Works but inaccurate on certain game functions like trading properties, ifor example if i try to press get out of jail free card to sell it will not click it it would click something else very irritating
  • Neeraj
    Downloaded fast but says...can not download, may be bcz you haven't purchased the app. Wtf. Is that what free means? Uninstalled.
  • Alwaz
    Not working
  • Hacker
    49 minutes to download
  • tom
  • tom
    Too sloooooow
  • worldboss
    U foolz it downloadz very fast ur mother slow
  • dj r noble
    Did not work
  • Maloco J
    This app real for real good man for those were been at my age during our you know childhoods days fellas. Highly for real a HD game for free. There's nothing I could say more but ahmmm it is real good fellas
  • Maloco J
    Takes 20secs to download using mobile data only,don't know you guy's having trouble downloading it. From the island of Manny paquiao PHILIPPINES here imagine Philippines but still 20secs to download.
  • Gazatronica
    I got old & died waiting for download!!!!! Come on ppl its the 21st Century Get Real!!!!
  • Gamer108
    finished download less than a minute dl slow? your ISP must be suck
  • ttttr4rt
    Super f'ing slow..
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