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Mosquito Madness

Mosquito Madness v1.05.0Score
  • An Endless Redneck RunnerThe mosquitoes
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Game introduction

An Endless Redneck Runner

The mosquitoes are out thick today and they are hungry—REAL HUNGRY! Keep the bugs at bay and the redneck running in this funny, frantic romp through the trailer park. This is some seriously silly fun from the good folks that brought you Knife Toss and Float.

Get a kick in the pants with a Billy Boost and arm yourself with bug bombs, bee mits, and defibrillators to beat your friends to the top of the leaderboards.

- Upgrade your acter with crazy powerups

- Simple tap and drag controls

- Open Feint Leaderboards

- Over 50 hilarious voice clips

- Trashy trailer park backgrounds

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Mosquito Madness

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