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Shinobi ZIN:Ninja Boy

Shinobi ZIN:Ninja Boy v1.05.0Score
  • Begin the most addictive SNEAKING ACTION
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Game introduction

Begin the most addictive SNEAKING ACTION for becoming a true NINJA!

Dodge formidable obstacles! Kill gigantic enemies! To complete the crucial mission!

Once upon a time, the called forth his apprentice, ZIN, to see if he can accomplish the last task of becoming a true ninja. The aim of the last mission is to bring back a hidden treasure somewhere in the old castle! There are, however, many dreadful traps and enemies to tough fight on ZIN’s way! Are you ready to complete dangerous tasks and become a true ninja with ZIN?

? Features

? Experience the very thrilling and exciting sneaking action

- Feel the real sneaking action like you’ve never played before.

- Dodge or kill formidable obstacles in order to complete variable crucial missions!

? Challenge a variety of unique stages!

- There are five exciting floors that consist of sixty stages

- Enjoy variable puzzled stages where are composed of unique maps, formidable traps, and gigantic enemies

? Become a true ninja with easy and intuitive control system

- Move! Hide! Scout! Only you need tap and drag for all actions! Make everything easy to unleash crushing movements on enemies!

? Watch out for crucial traps and strong enemies!

- Be careful! There are many distinctive enemies and unique traps, such as a thorn rising, loosened rocks, and column of fire to block your way!

? Take, use, and Power your ninja up! With various useful items!

- You will be able to upgrade your attributes and skills and even more devastating moves to punish your enemies and traps by various helpful items!

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Shinobi ZIN:Ninja Boy


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