Cut the Rope: Experiments  v1.0.1

Cut the Rope: Experiments
Cut the Rope: Experiments
Cut the Rope: Experiments
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Game description: Your unofficial guide to Cut the Rope: Experiments (Cut the Rope 2) App.
Featuring a rich and intuitive interface where you can learn out how complete each level of the game.

This application uses a Wi-Fi or Data network for certain areas of its content. Please make sure you have a stable Internet connection before launching this application. Please feel free to use our inbuilt feedback form to send us your tips, comments, feedback and suggestions that you would like to see in future s of this application


This is an unofficial guide to Cut the Rope: Experiments. This unofficial guide was created by Bright AI Ltd. Bright AI Ltd. is not affiliated with ZeptoLab or Chillingo Ltd. Neither ZeptoLab or Chillingo Ltd nor has anyone else authorised, sponsored or sanctioned this unofficial guide. It is the sole creation and responsibility of Bright AI Ltd.

All acters and their names and all places and events and all other aspects concerning Cut the Rope: Experiments are the property of their respective owners. All trademark and copyright concerning Cut the Rope are the property of their respective owners. We make no claim to and do not have any rights to any of the foregoing.
  • Type: Puzzle Games
  • Language: Simplified chinese
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  • Updated: 2012-4-4 16:30:23

Cut the Rope: Experiments reviews

  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Crazy game
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Best game ever
    Thanks a lot
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    It is fantastic! I love this game!!!
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    thanks di is fantastic
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    i love cut the rope
  • heey :))
    This game is absolutely awsome!! Thank you :))
  • Gurung
    Your tihkning matches mine - great minds think alike!
  • Azyxdq网友
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    it was very good! ^_^

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