Temple Run  v1.0.2

Temple Run
Temple Run
Temple Run
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Game description: Run for your life!

The addictive mega-hit Temple Run is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?!

Youve stolen the cursed idol from the temple, and now you have to run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at your heels. Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, unlock new acters, and see how far you can run!
  • Type: Sports games
  • Language: english
  • Provides: unknown
  • Tariff: free
  • File size: 25750 KB
  • Downloads: 14319
  • Updated: 2012-4-18 0:00:06

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Temple Run reviews

  • leeena
    Gd Bt there is no end of the tample run....
  • azoa
    Supperrbbbb yrr LOL👍
  • girija
  • tsccmmfvx
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Comment i want to download temple run game
  • android
    I cannot download temple run in my android tab why?
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    My samsung galaxy y gt s5360 version2. 3.6 not install please help
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Good nice game
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    fuckin scam dont downlode.....
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    It doesn't work on HTC wildfire S
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Not work in Galaxy ace
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Is this a scam???
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    I am not so sure if I should get it………………………
  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    this is suck
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  • AndroidGamesRoom User
    Why cant i get it in samsung galaxy ace ??
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