Zombie Armageddon  v1.0.13

Zombie Armageddon
Zombie Armageddon
Zombie Armageddon
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You think youre tough? Lets see how long you last with Zombargedon! You fare against a living tide of brain-hungering zombies. Rip them to shreds, grind them to fine paste, blast them to pieces, burn them to a crisp... slaughter all zombies that come across you! You are the only one that can stop these zombies, strike them with all weapons, including air strike.

Choose your zombie killer, get those weapons and smash those zombies! The meaner you get, the better you´ll play. Get ready to experience a really awesome game with amazing graphics, cool sounds and effects, and excellent music!

Game Features:

- 4 Zombie Killers, 2 more coming soon!

- Weapons: Machete, shot gun, rifle, Uzi, ak47, minigun, sniper rifle, pistol, granade, bazooka and may more.

- Weapon upgrades feature

- Amazing graphics, cool sounds, excellent music

Recommended for fans of; Zombie Road, Zombie War, Plants vs Zombies, SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE, Zombie Village, Stupid Zombies, Zombieville USA, Dino Cap, CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES, ZombieBooth, Zombie Smasher
  • Type: Action Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
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  • Updated: 2012-6-14 11:27:41

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