Ultimate 3D Boxing Game  v1.0

Ultimate 3D Boxing Game
Ultimate 3D Boxing Game
Ultimate 3D Boxing Game
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Game description: Lets Rumble... Stunning Augmented Reality 3D Graphics. Play three rounds, 30 seconds each, only one winner! This game is FREE with no ads.

How to Play:

1.) Place a crisp US one dollar bill brightly lit surface.

2.) Launch the game, point your phones camera at the dollar. A 3D Boxing Ring magically appears right before your eyes!

Its like a hologram on your phone!

This game is not meant for sitting down! Move your phone around the dollar bill to get any angle of the game you want!


1.) Rapidly tap the screen anywhere for left punch.

2.) Tap and hold the screen anywhere to move toward your opponent.

3.) For right punch: touch and hold with one finger, then rapidly tap with the other finger.

4.) SPECIAL MOVE! For an uppercut, touch and hold two fingers on the screen, then rapidly tap your third finger.

This game uses sophisticated Augmented Reality technology and was designed for higher-end Android devices.

If it doesnt work on your device...

Please contact us if you have any trouble installing it, we would be glad to help!

Thanks for playing!
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  • Language: English
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  • Updated: 2012-6-26 12:05:26

Ultimate 3D Boxing Game reviews

  • BadAss
    Love boxing let's get ready to rumble
  • alex
  • user amitesh
    showing force close on bsnl penta IS701R what to do.
  • Azyxdq网友
  • 铜牌◆陋透
  • AndroidGamesRoom User

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