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  • File size: 40270 KB
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  • Type: Adventure games
  • Language: English
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  • Tariff: Free
  • Updated: 2012-7-10 14:08:52

Game description: The Complete MapleStory Mobile Experience.
Open up the book on a whole new MapleStory!
★★★★ Event ★★★★
For everyone who purchases MapleStory Live Deluxe, thank you! You’ll get the full value of your purchase back in-game as a gift of 5000 Candies to use in our shop!
Maple World is in peril, but help is on the way. Take on the roles of Fenris the Dual Blade and Rei the Mechanic in two completely new tales of adventure. You’ll have to rely on your wits and reflexes as you explore new worlds battle new beasts on the quest to stop the Black Wings.
Endless adventures await you in MapleStory Live!
- New stories, acters, and monsters to mash!
- Huge, fully explorable map.
- Three exciting mini games.
- In-game Ad Board and Mailbox let you share messages with friends all over Maple World.
- Custom Touch UI allows you to customize your screen.
- Three basic control schemes supported
- Regular s to bring you an endless adventure through Maple World!

MapleStory Live Deluxe reviews

  1. #1  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-7-12 21:21:56

    is this game need wifi???

  2. #2  uhibji2012-7-16 2:00:54


  3. #3  upsa2012-8-17 0:05:44

    How do u  it

  4. #4  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-8-24 14:07:09

    amar baler games

  5. #5  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-9-7 13:04:31

    How to 

  6. #6  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-11-13 11:49:25

    How do you  the gme?

  7. #7  AndroidGamesRoom User2013-1-6 13:13:08

    Download this it doesnt crash. Android maplestory cashes after .

  8. #8  AndroidGamesRoom User2013-1-6 13:13:39

    After upbate

  9. #9  AndroidGamesRoom User2013-6-8 1:59:05

    what do i need to do? kepps saying text after download what should i do?

  10. #10  AndroidGamesRoom User2013-6-10 15:30:55

    got all new job?

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