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  • Going! - Tiny ShipWind wings?? Going is
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Game introduction

Going! - Tiny Ship

Wind wings

?? Going is an action game riding waves.

?? Going is a universal app, therefore you can enjoy it on all iOS and Android devices.

? Features

? Easy Control by one finger

? The Beautiful Ocean and Skyland

? The Horrible Big Tsunami

? Control

? You can control a pirate ship using only one finger.

- Tap, Hold and Release!

? Great Surfing

- A pirate ship can ride waves fast.

- Tap and hold at a falling wave.

- Release at a rising wave.

? Dive

- If you tap and hold during jumping, a pirate ship can come down quickly on waves.

? Items

? You can achieve higher points if you get more coins.

? The Poseidons figurehead make a pirate ship faster.

Play! Enjoy! Feel The Freedom!

Thank You!

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