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World League Zombies Run

World League Zombies Run v1.055.0Score
  • One night you wake up to find the world
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Game introduction

One night you wake up to find the world isn’t the same. In fact, even you are not the same! The graveyard is your new home, but some old coffin isn’t going to hold you down. In your living days, you ran to win, and today, you run to survive. And only one thing keeps you in this strange, strange world…
BRAAAAINS! Oh yeah, and medals!

World League Zombies Run features exciting races with many obstacles and fierce opponents! Only the faster, smarter, and hungrier zombies can win!

? Innovative gameplay! Keep the right rhythm in your thumbs to run faster and better!

? Run, jump, attack, defend yourself and even cheat with over 20 items!

? Three totally different worlds to run in!

? Compete in 30 tracks for the Worm Money!

? Upgrade your favorite zombie!

? Use items from jack-o’-lanterns to chainsaws to keep your opponents from winning!

? Try for the Gold Medal in each track!

? Save up your Worm Money, buy new equipments and have more fun!

? Soundtrack by a real zombie band!

? Many challenges to discover and conquer!

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World League Zombies Run


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