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Tap n Crash

Tap n Crash v1.3.15.0Score
  • Tap n Crash is very hard ! And thats its
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Game introduction

Tap n Crash is very hard ! And thats its main point of interest. If you find it too hard, then the game doesnt fit you.

You can pinch the screen to zoom in while playing (or use the slider in the pause menu)

Youll discover a total of 77 levels, split into 7 worlds.
You can compete with other people thanks to the in-built online ranking system. Only highscores made in relentless mode are kept (relentless mode consists in playing every single level of a world without resting between levels).

Lower end devices can deactivate particles, sound and background images to gain performances.

Have fun, and dont forget to rate and comment !

Tap n Crash is based on the "Space is Key" flash game. It keeps the same base gameplay : Jump obstacles. Then, it was made from scratch.

Xperia Play devices are supported. Use X button to Jump ingame, and D-pad to navigate in menu.


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