DiceRace MINI HD  v1.5.0

DiceRace MINI HD
DiceRace MINI HD
DiceRace MINI HD
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Game description: Becoming really smart smartphone
Backgammon Board Game Dice Race Mini HD release!
Lovers, friends, family and various stake

Monopoly board game is too complicated and
time-consuming fire The die is just too
simple and easy - Dice Race Mini HD w
here you can enjoy a board game Enjoy!

When you run the game with three dice gulrilsu
Are ready to.
Of which dice you want
Roll each player to .
The numbers by the end of the game you want to roll
Moves by ing fields.

There are a variety of items to arrive kaneneun.
When you get the box item in the item instructions
Subject to progress through the game.

Moves to the destination you set
When you arrive you can determine the penalty of the game.

No special rules of the game.
Even if you add an item in the box and
The board to turn a few laps you jeonghaeseo map
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  • Language: English
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