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  • Updated: 2013-1-26 12:48:43

Game description: Classic retro-style vertically scrolling space shoot-em-up game.
You are the sole survivor from your species and must battle against the onslaught of attacks from the evil empire. Destroy the enemy ships in an attack wave to release the collectable powerups to enhance the weapons on your ship.
Powerup types:
Green - Speed Up
Red- More bullets
Yellow- Increase Fire Rate
Blue- Shield
Grey- Homing Missiles
White- Extra Life
Every 10th level is a big boss- first destroy its weapons, and then shoot at its heart to kill it.
Be careful in the asteroid fields.
The game is infinitely long, with the enemies getting progressively harder to kill and more aggressive. Make sure you collect as many power ups as possible!
Global high score table so you can see how good you really are...
This version has adverts. A paid version is also available (without adverts).
Space shootemup shoot em up shoot-em-up power up powerup power-up weapon arcade scrolling action game stockley software

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