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Miners Adventure

Miners Adventure v1.1.25.0Score
  • Gold! Miner! Adventures!Super Cool game
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Game introduction

Gold! Miner! Adventures!

Super Cool game operation and super dazzling graphics!

The best piece for 2013 from Top Develop Team, hitting on its dynamite debut!

You are driving across the massive gold land to search the mysterious Golden Artifact, which is hidden in the deep of earth!

It must be a dangerous adventure! You will meet many blocks and barriers, overcome many difficulties and challenge yourself!

The gold is the most important thing!

Hurry up, before others take it away!

Don’t be any hesitated! It’s FREE for ALL!

The hottest Android action game on Google Play, combining action with puzzles elements!

Game Tips:

Collect as many diamonds as possible, and you also need to step on every gray plate to pass levels.

Game Features:

★Many special levels are waiting your to unlock!

★Using smart and unique AI system.

★Unbelievable huge massive treasures!

★Amazing design of game scenes, taking you into the world of underground and ancient times!

★Easy to control, helping you find your childhood memory!

Now, it’s time to enjoy our super Miner’s Adventure!

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Miners Adventure

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