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Saving pet hamster Free

Saving pet hamster Free v2.35.0Score
  • The funniest hamster game in the market!
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Game introduction

The funniest hamster game in the market!

Hamster Go Go is full of actions, flying, floating, squeezing and sleeping etc., all in this interesting and thrill game.

The goal is to help a hamster to repair the tube to its destination within a time limit. The tube is broken into many parts, lying randomly in the screen. Move the parts and connect them to build a path for the hamster. You need to overcome all obstructions in the way and save the hamster from lost! To make the game even more interesting, there are special tube parts such as wheel, spring, landing and bubble parts and many more features. Join the hamster’s adventure and explore these features!

How to play:

1. Drag and connect the tube parts to build a path between the start and destination points.

2. The green arrow on left marks the start point and the red flag on right is the destination.

3. Tap the hamster to let it go.

4. Bubble parts and floating parts have to be used together with the landing parts.


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Saving pet hamster Free

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