MineBase Chess & Checkers LITE  v1.0.0

MineBase Chess & Checkers LITE
MineBase Chess & Checkers LITE
MineBase Chess & Checkers LITE
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Game description: Chess & Checkers like you have never seen before!
Mine Base combines the traditional board games you already know with videogame-like features.

-Placeable Mines: Mess with your adversary strategy.
-Death Ray: A time based power up that allows you to disintegrate your adversary pieces.
-Dead Zones: Strategically block board cells.
- EXPERIMENTAL - Multiplayer: In addition to single player, you can also play with a friend on the same device or Online.
(This game does not feature a Lobby for matchmaking, direct connection only.)
-Chat during multiplayer games via text or voice.
-Wacky themes,Classic,Bacon,Nature.

Bacon & Explosions, Need I say more?
  • Type: Chess Games
  • Language: English
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  • Tariff: Free
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  • Updated: 2013-6-27 6:55:39

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