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Shark Attack

Shark Attack v1.
  • An amazing ride to the underwater advent
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Game introduction

An amazing ride to the underwater adventures!! Explore the deep sea and collect The Hidden Treasures.
Shark Attack is an awesome action based Treasure Hunt game mixed with the fun & excitement of underwater adventures. A young underwater diver is in quest of all the precious hidden treasures in the deep waters. But he has to face a deadly, man-eating Shark in his path. Sea Rocks, Ship Bottoms and many others will also obstruct his search.
He has to survive all these to collect the treasures and you’re the only one who can make this possible. Few boosts like Fishing Nets, Oxygen Refill, and Speed Enhancers are also available to ease your journey.
So, what’re you waiting for .... let’s embark on the expedition of deep waters now!!


-> An action packed fun gameplay
-> 20 pre-packed thrilling levels and many more coming soon
-> Eye-catching graphics
-> Very easy to play and intuitive interface

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Shark Attack


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