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Snake and Frogs

Snake and Frogs v1.0.15.0Score
  • This is a Japanese game that tests your
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Game introduction

This is a Japanese game that tests your reflexes. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game!

☆ ~description ~ ☆
? Eat by tapping the snake when frog was baked moderately.
? Dont eat a half-baked frogs. If do that, snake has a stomachache and snakes HP will reduce.
? Dont over cook. Frog will explode and snakes HP will reduce, too.
? Eat frog more than other players, you should aim for the top of the rankings.

◆ Recommended for who like following.

? Who have some free time.
? Who have confident reflexes.
? Who want to be freed from the stressful society.
? Who get hungry.
? Who likes Free-to-Play games.
? Who want to share your gameplay videos on Facebook or Twitter.
? Who like action games like FlappyBird and Timberman.

◆ Question Corner.

Q: I want to know other players score.
A: We have a ranking system. You can know that.

Q: I cant record and share videos.
A: Sorry. If your Android-OS is less than 4.1, you cant do that.

Q: I feel pity for frogs.
A: You have a friendly heart. But in the same way as the real animal world, please understand that it is a law of the jungle.

Q: Too difficult!!
A: Dont give up.

Special Description


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Snake and Frogs

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