1080×1800 android 2.0 system stand-alone games

Blockly (Full Version)

Role Play games

Blockly (Full Version) v1.0.0

You are trapped in an unknown world full of dangers, wild creatures are waiting for you at every turn! In the new game BLOCKLY you explore, build and conquer the world composed entirely of blocks of the cubic form! ***Features*** Fully endless and ra...

Gibbets: Bow Master

Puzzle games

Gibbets: Bow Master v1.0.4

Tired of always losing at Hangman?Now its time to get your own back on that noose-wielding bully!Gibbets: Bow Master, the sequel to smash hit, gives you chance to save the poor victims before they run out of eath! A truly innovative arcade puzzler wh...

Spy Fox Operation Ozone

Strategy games

Spy Fox Operation Ozone v1.0.2

Spy Fox 3 Operation OzoneWhere would you like to go next, SPY Fox?Air Today, Gone Tomorrow.A huge hairspray space station is blasting vile vapors into the ozone, putting Earth at the mercy of the suns rays. With her paw on the nozzle, Poodles Galore ...

Turbo Car Toy

Interest games

Turbo Car Toy v1.6

Be the fastest driver on the kids playroom race track and burn the asphalt under your wheels in one of the best fast-paced car driving games for kids and adults! Drag your car left or right to avoid obstacles and collect pickups on your way to becomi...

Mirrors & Reflections Puzzles

Interest games

Mirrors & Reflections Puzzles v1.1.1

In this logic puzzle game, place mirrors to direct the lasers to the proper exit!Guess the orientation of the mirrors with logic only. No random moves.Can you solve the 760 levels of increasing difficulty?Features:+ 760 levels for beginners and exper...

Penguin Run Lite

Interest games

Penguin Run Lite v1.1.0

A little puny penguin was lost in glacier.Please help him to go out glacier.Penguin Run is a running and jumping game.★ How to play ★- Tap the screen for jump- Catch the coins for bonus score- Mind the gap and the obstacles on the road.★ Feature ★- C...

Magic Gem

Puzzle games

Magic Gem v1.1.7

Magic Gem is a classic puzzle game, also known as lines98. Your goal is to clear the board by connecting 5 or more balls of the same color to a horizontal, vertical line, squares, or blocks.Each time you move a ball three new balls pop up at differen...

Troll way to die : Roll Rush

Interest games

Troll way to die : Roll Rush v1.3

Troll way to die : Roll RushExtremely fun and exciting, ensuring a feeling you never experienced before!What is troll? Have you ever ask a question about troll? Which is the mean of a famous word in the Internet? Troll? It mean the guys who is do bad...

Cloop Puzzle

Interest games

Cloop Puzzle v1.05

This game for people who love logic problems and I like it. Cloop Puzzle is an addictive game with simple rules. Choose a coin and move it over another one to empty slot as in checkers. Eat all coins and win the game!Its really easy to start as in ch...

Roll It  Free

Interest games

Roll It Free v1.55

New ain twisting 3D puzzle from the makers of Toss It, Smiley Pops and Link It! The objective of this ain twisting puzzle game is to get the cube onto the tile with the lock. Watch out for all kinds of traps and tricks on your way to the goal. Try to...

Storm the Beach

Action games

Storm the Beach v1.07

Use machine guns, artillery, and powerups to fight off an endless stream of enemies! Upgrade your equipment and use airs, napalm, land mines, and more to dominate the battlefield! No in-app purchases, no pay-to-win, no always-online internet connecti...

The Hearts, Cards Game

Chess games

The Hearts, Cards Game v7.0.0

The Hearts, Cards Game is the top winner game in android play store. The Super Class Game that youd have never seen before. Youll really love this game....

Angry Frogs NoAds FULL

Interest games

Angry Frogs NoAds FULL v1.1.2

Help frogs to destroy evil snakes!!Need the SDCARD!- #2 Milions Downloads with the FREE version with ADS- WITHOUT ADS- 4400 built-in levels- LEVEL EDITOR- Ingame update: to have always the latest levels created!!- All data saved on your phone (disins...

Batman Run

Interest games

Batman Run v1.1

Help Batman escape the law and live to make another sequel. We hope you had fun with this great skill game!...

Murder Satan

Action games

Murder Satan v1.2

MurderSatan is now available for Android, there are 15 challenging levels for you.Game story:The power of dart which was blocked for thousands of years will be unblocked by the satans king of werewolf , The whole world will be destroyed!!! you have t...

Snail Bob Run

Interest games

Snail Bob Run v1.4.0

Snail Bob Run is a cool running game.Bob is a ave snail.You should help him to escape from the forest.And This game is easy to play....

Duke Nukem 3D

Shooting games

Duke Nukem 3D v12

Duke is now free!!!o Controls are fully customizable - move buttons, sticks,where you want it! o Episode 1 included, episodes 2 and 3 can be purchased for 99c eachTHE ORIGINAL KING OF ACTION RETURNS!Los Angeles. Under attack by aliens intent on steal...

Stickman Creative Killer

Interest games

Stickman Creative Killer v1.3

Your friend has been kidnapped. Can you rescue him by killing your captors one by one in this creative point-and-click adventure? Use your weapon and survival skills to escape from the creative kill chamber. Kill the enemy soldiers one by one. Be cre...

Roll Ball - Unroll Ball 2

Interest games

Roll Ball - Unroll Ball 2 v1.0.2

For millions of fans around the world, Unroll Ball is the one of best roll puzzle game!Now Unroll Ball 2 - Roll Ball is coming, a few special fruits introduced, shoot it and you will enjoy more exciting and intersting. ...

Elemental: The Magic Key

Adventure games

Elemental: The Magic Key v0.1.2

Enjoy a beautiful graphic and thrilling storyline. Try to win the battles against Elementals of Fire, Water, Earth, Energy, Air and Primary Nature. Solve ain-teasing puzzles and hunt for cleverly hidden items in a surprising world! Help a young magic...