320×480 android stand-alone games

Escape Castle

Puzzle games

Escape Castle v1.18

Join millions of happy Haiku Game customers who leave reviews like...Amazing! One of the best escape games I have ever played! It is a great combination of fun, challenging, funny, and creative. Great game!Its 1541 in Scotland and illiant Iona must t...

Do not eat shit 2

Interest games

Do not eat shit 2 v0.1

Are you the fastest man with golden finger? Well, come and challenge. How much you can row to the name in the whole world list.★ Challenge your poo poo reaction.★ Tap to earn golden coins.★ OBAMA PSY SANTA PANDA...Lots of famous play with you.★ NEWYO...

Super Puppy Run Animal Escape

Interest games

Super Puppy Run Animal Escape v1.0

Get amused with the latest endless arcade jumping action game for free now!Download Super Puppy Run: Animal Escape collect bones, avoid the bad piggy and boost yourself to the top! Get ready to be a mega jumper! Once you start to hop, you wont stop!...

Stickman Crime in Kitchen

Puzzle games

Stickman Crime in Kitchen v1.0.0

Its a challenge kitchen war game.There are 5 stickmen are all busy cookings.but death lurks around each corner and under every table.Kill all of the stick figures in the correct order,everything may be a weapon for them!interact with the characters a...

Totem Tower

Interest games

Totem Tower v1.12

Tower Totem is a very test of the ain of leisure games, and this is a double game of the game oh. Background of the game is two battlefields and two totem pole, you need to do is moaned a step on the battlefield find duplicate animal, and decide whet...

Dark Rider

Interest games

Dark Rider v1.1

The game is played in a dark highway where the rider goes through different obstacles. Your dark rider must survive in the dark highway rider game....

Mind Dead Free

Shooting games

Mind Dead Free v1.5.0.4

Play as Max Cooper, an SSF agent whose journey to a deserted oil producing community with a group of scientists has led to an outeak of infection.Fight hard for survival with an array of weaponry at your disposal as you battle the hordes of fierce fl...

Dead Weight

Interest games

Dead Weight v0.2

Trapped between heaven and some other place, Dead Weight is the story of two frenemies who embark on an epically short quest. Discover a fresh tilt-based platformer where the two sides of the afterlife are physically connected by a very short leash.C...

Milky Way:Destroy the Menace

Interest games

Milky Way:Destroy the Menace v1.0

Milky Way - Destroy the Menace! is a dynamic vertical space shooter. Situated in the year A.D. 2050, the aliens are preparing to invade Earth.In the three major constellations of the Milky Way: Lia, Cygnus and Lyra, everything is ready to launch the ...

Balarium:Tilt & Touch

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Balarium:Tilt & Touch v1.3.4

Tilt your device to prevent the totems tower crash! The game includes two game modes and 80 levels where you have to test your ability and balance using the accelerometer. Do your best to stay focused in an earthquake or even to counter the wind. Don...

Hardest Game 3

Interest games

Hardest Game 3 v1.01

Losing has never been this much fun !This is The Worlds Hardest Game 3. Now, Its totally free to download.It is harder than any game you have ever played, or ever will play. Work your way through 60 incredibly hard levels!Oh, you think youre so smart...

Lets Go Rocket

Interest games

Lets Go Rocket v1.02

Go Rocket Lets is a quick game. Touch the screen to launch and accelerate your rocket, to avoid obstacles in the process of rising to see quick you can fly far away! Remember to collect gems in the process of rising, so as to unlock the new rocket, s...

The Shape

Interest games

The Shape v1.1

Find the correct graphics according to the known figure.Constantly spell new graphics to increase your score. The longer you persist, the higher the challenge..Shape The is a game that will keep you challenging!...

Star Guardian

Interest games

Star Guardian v1

Star Guardian is a space sidescroller with all the retro features you love. With a distinct feeling of being isolated in space... the giant boss battles, burning magma, false blocks and dangerous indigenous life forms make it seem impossible to make ...

Classic Tractor 3D

Interest games

Classic Tractor 3D v1.2

Welcome to Classic Tractor 3D: Silage!In this Silage version of Classic Tractor 3D youll experience how to drive your silage with an classic tractor and trailer. Youll see that its not easy to drive with a small classic tractor and a big classic trai...


Interest games

ROLL v1.2.0

ROLL is telling us a story about rotating and smashing. Lonely grinder is surrounded by the enemies, and it must constantly rotate to crush all the enemies in order to protect its fragile body. Click on the screen to change the rotational direction o...

Tap Blast

Interest games

Tap Blast v1.0.1

Tap to Blasting, keep tapping to Win the Level!Just tap to play, show your reaction speed and eliminate skills!➤Features:- Two different game modes- Vivid and beautiful graphics- 15 big stages waiting for you challengeJoin the fun leaderboards, chall...

Night Racing Speed Racer Game

Sports games

Night Racing Speed Racer Game v1.0.1

Night Racing Speed Racer Game is a fast traffic racing 3D game at midnight.It is a nitrous freely game and speed car fast racing game.This is a theme to midnight racing 3D game. If you love incredible racing games, Night Racing Game your need. Real t...


Interest games

Agar.io v1.0.1

Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger! But watch out: players bigger than you will be trying to make you their lunch. Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game! With new controls developed especially for...


Interest games

Spellcasters v1.0

Have you ever wondered which mage is the mightiest? Wise Middle-earth wizard, enlightened Sorcerer from School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, deceiving Illusionist or maybe tribal Shaman wielding the elements? Now you are able to find out! Spellcasters ...