320×480 android stand-alone games

PixelGun Day:Unturned

Shooting games

PixelGun Day:Unturned v4

The game PixelGun Day: Unturned apocalypse is happening, you have to survive with your friends! Build shelters, Kraft weapons, find the loot, to fend off hordes of zombies! Also in the game there are cars, Things to ride....

Hotel Insanity

Interest games

Hotel Insanity v1.0

Welcome to the Hotel Insanity.The hotel where you have to survive as long as you can.You must find coins that are on different places in the hotel. They show up at random places. coins can be hard to find, so look properly.The coins you must use in a...

Star Nomad 2

Strategy games

Star Nomad 2 v1.0

IMPORTANT: Made for devices with a screen size that is 5 inches or larger with at least 1.5GB of RAM CPUSOCs such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Samsung Exynos 5 Octa, ARM Cortex A12 or newer. Not recommended for smaller or weaker spec devices (too slo...

Wild Fox Simulator 2017

Simulation games

Wild Fox Simulator 2017 v1.0

Become a wild fox in Wild Fox Simulator 2017. Live the life of the wild animal. Run, fight and complete quests. Find an animal mate and eed a new fox. Develop a survival strategy against wild and farm animals. Level­up a fox in simulator to improve s...

Shark Fishing Joy

Interest games

Shark Fishing Joy v0.0.4

In 2050 all fish are died in the ocean due to the nuclear disaster. In 2060, the scientists have been renovated clean marine environment, but this time the fish was gone. Now scientists have invented a time machine to go back to the past to transfer ...

Tractor Farming Simulator 2017

Simulation games

Tractor Farming Simulator 2017 v1.0

Tractor Farming Simulator 2017(tfs) is the sequel of the huge hit tractor farm simulator where you can manage your own farm and harvest your crops. In this game you will start to make the ground ready and with the cultivator you can achieve this. But...

Game Of Life 2016

Interest games

Game Of Life 2016 v1.1.4

MAKE CHOICES, GET PAID, OR LOSE IT ALL!Attend college, accept a job and play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for the whole family. Watch as board piece characters come to life and make their way through the various stages of life on thi...

Survival Games Block Island

Shooting games

Survival Games Block Island vC10.2.1

An intense FPS survival warcraft game is at your fingertips when you download Survival Games Block Island. Block world style graphics and tight controls push past the boundaries of mobile gaming. Test your skills, plan your attack, and reserve your s...

Fort Boyard Free

Interest games

Fort Boyard Free v1.1

Partez à la conquête du Fort et foncez dans les travées de la célèe enceinte ! Dans votre course effrénée, esquivez les pièges et les obstacles pour ramasser des boyards et évitez la prison ! Arriverez-vous à dompter les méandres du Fort Boyard ? ...

Hybrid Animals

Interest games

Hybrid Animals v1.0

Pick 2 animals from a giant list, and the game will use an algorithm to morph them together! Each hyid has its own unique stats and perks, and you test them against your friends in a natural-selection kind of way. There are millions of possibilities....

Red Superhot Shooter 3D

Shooting games

Red Superhot Shooter 3D v1.1

White light and red creatures.You still don’t know, who you are, you became a master at one thing: time control!Welcome to the second part of the famous slow-mo action!These strange human-like creatures made from red glass still trying to kill you! B...


Interest games

Snakebird v5

What is the longest possible length a bird can be? Obviously a question only all the fruit in the world can answer! But where could all this fruit be hiding? Follow Redbird, Greenbird and Bluebird on a quest for an amount of fruit beyond any birds wi...

Speed Racing Ultimate

Sports games

Speed Racing Ultimate v1.4

You search for New Sensations?No need to go further, you are on the right place!Speed Racing Ultimate 5 is made for You!Take the wheel of Prestigious Supercars and exceed your limits!...

Traffic Driver

Interest games

Traffic Driver v1.00

Are you ready to become a legend? Another great game from the creators of City Driving.Get behind wheels and enjoy the best realistic experience of driving in traffic.Traffic Driver stands as one of the best infinite racing games.Traffic driver inclu...

Croco Runner

Interest games

Croco Runner v1.0.4

The most lovely endless RunJump platform game.Long long ago in prehistoric time, there was a little crocodile called Croco. He got lost during a large-scale migration.He needed to begin the journey all by himself now. To keep alive, he needs to eat a...

Pool Party - Girls Makeover

Interest games

Pool Party - Girls Makeover v1.2.098

Girls, summer vacation has come. We are about to have a luxurious swimming pool party!Put on your cutest bikini, makeup yourself, summer bikini contest will start soon! You are the most shinning party queen! ...

Warp Shift

Puzzle games

Warp Shift v1.0.5

[ Warp Shift is a unique puzzle game set in a mysterious world. It takes you on a marvelous journey that challenges your mind and stimulates your senses. ]# # # AN AUDIO-VISUAL VOYAGE THROUGH TIME AND SPACE # # #Experience beautiful visuals, challeng...

No Limits Rally

Sports games

No Limits Rally v1.0.2

An exciting arcade rally experience without limits for everyone!Race around the world in 4 different locations.Drive through dirt, tarmac or snow. Chalenge yourself against the clock in Time Trial mode and unlock new cars and stages.Upgrade and custo...


Interest games

MPRocket v1.2.1

Left and right of the screen corresponds to the rocket ! Operation is easy!Aim the end of the white space of all 100 stage over!- It can be operated even one finger in the option .- If the operation is heavy , please lower the setting from the option...

Shift Shooter Free

Shooting games

Shift Shooter Free v1.10

Break on through the barrage.This shooting game you can be operated with one finger !This game has two game mode.Single mode:Stage clear type mode of going oke various nemesis.Lets put the new skills in hand to defeat the enemy ....