320×480 android stand-alone games

Clone Factory

Interest games

Clone Factory v1.0.3

A new game from the developers of Flying Fox!A newly-made clone, the result of an “unsuccessful” experiment, escapes, ruining the evil plans of Professor Spook, who has been secretly working on creating an army of mutants in an abandoned biochemical ...

Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D

Sports games

Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D v1.5

Everything related to rally racing game which you ever wish for is available to you for FREE download and NO IN-APP purchasesChoose from a lot of available 3D cars and 4x4 trucks. Customize with your favorite colors. Choose the beautiful environment ...

Pudding Bang 2

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Pudding Bang 2 v1.0

new style of Whack-A-Mole Game with Cute Puddings. Puddings are trying to eak out from mobile. Please stop them!...

The Branch

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The Branch v1.0

Stay on the anch as long as you can!Tap the screen to rotate the world and keep Mike safe.Get higher scores and collect gems to unlock new characters....

Hunting Season Jungle Sniper

Shooting games

Hunting Season Jungle Sniper v1.0

A hunters dreams come true, when he gets the opportunity to test his shooting skills in the jungle and shoot whatever animal he likes for a day???Isn’t it? Its a dream of every hunter…but we ing an exciting Jungle sniper hunting game for you to fulfi...

Box Rogue

Interest games

Box Rogue v1.4

The game which travels the world of a boxHow many worlds of BoxRogue would you advance?An adventure wouldnt be settled roundly, would it?...

Ultimate Soccer

Sports games

Ultimate Soccer v1.1.1

REALISTIC, IMMERSIVE ADDICTIVE. Ultimate Soccer offers the purest football fun with fast paced gameplay, most realistic physics, astonishing atmosphere and tons of replay value! Build the best squad on the planet and lead them all the way to win the...

Wire Cat

Interest games

Wire Cat v1.0.0

Speedy Wire Cat action!Cat the phantom thief swings through the night to capture extravangant jewels!- Fly through the air to collect jewels while avoiding Dog Cops - Easy to play but hard to beat! Just tap to fly forward!- A stylish world awaits you...


Interest games

ElcomSafe v0.0.3

ElcomSafe is a curious word guessing game for all interested in password security topics. You will be suggested to guess terms on encryption and password security. Provided with a number of vacant cells where each cell corresponds to a letter, you sh...

Miner Z

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Miner Z v1.1.0

Its the Zombie apocalypse and you are one of the last survivors. You have one option, dig or die! - Simple two tap controls- Fast paced, endless game play- Play as many different characters- Earn awesome Boosts- Unlock five challenging achievements- ...

Brave Step

Interest games

Brave Step v1.0.6

On a sunny day, chicks play around happily in the yard, no one would know what is going to happen , a group of eagles are coming to attack them. Mother hen saw the flying eagle, at the time of danger, she had only one strong faith, which is to save h...

Garden King

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Garden King v2.2

Total 360 well designed FREE levels with latest version! Why dont you download free and have a try?Gather the adorable Fruits to create massive combos and compete with your friends via Facebook! Don’t miss out - click to play now! Garden King Feature...

Castle Battlz

Shooting games

Castle Battlz v1.0.2

The aim of the game in Castle Battlz is to use offence as the best defence. Use your cannons to defeat 4 different Kings that have come to try to take you land from your people. Defeat each opponent in 5 progressively bigger castles and bigger cannon...

Mary The Miner

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Mary The Miner v2.1.4

The saga continues with another Miners Adventure! Mary The Miner has reached the treasures in the dark mines of Kazarakt, but the way back is blocked! You must help Mary find another way back to the surface!A challenging and addictive 2D retro-ish pl...

Flowy Beta

Interest games

Flowy Beta v1.3

*** Flowy is in open Beta, it is changing and improving - join in and help us make Flowy great! ***“Since first using Flowy I have been feeling a lot better...I am a lot happier having this game with me, it sometimes feels like a secret weapon!”Guide...

Lost Village Hidden Objects

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Lost Village Hidden Objects v1.0.3

Lost Village Hidden Objects is one of the best hidden object games. The game is totally free. Enjoy multiple beautiful scenes with lots of hidden items. You goal is to find series of hidden objects on each level. Use Hint and Zoom buttons to find ite...

Plucky Rush

Interest games

Plucky Rush v1.3

Plucky Rush is the second in the Saga of the fearless Plucky. This episode introduces The Pluckers, Plucky’s evil nemeses, whose sole purpose is to capture, and kill Plucky.Help Plucky avoid his evil nemeses by guiding him around the track. Successfu...

Daily Card Pairs

Puzzle games

Daily Card Pairs v1.0

Pretty Animals, Fresh vegetable and mystical Monsters help you training. Whatever you are a great memorizer, Daily Card Pairs will provide hours of fun and addictive gameplay to you. Simple concept, but Plentiful funny. More mechanism, More Challenge...

Bottle Vs Bullet

Shooting games

Bottle Vs Bullet v1.0

Bottle vs Bullet is a fun physics bottles shooting game. You must shoot as many bottles as you can in the fixed amount of time.A very addicted shooter game is out now on the market! Your challenge is to shoot bottle and can as fast as you can.And for...

Monkey Catapult

Interest games

Monkey Catapult v1.0.1.1

This is the newest game in the Kuma the Bear series! A fun and easy-to-play game for everyone! With just one finger you can enjoy our new action game Monkey Catapult!Pulling the monkey and making him fly is so much fun!Where have the bananas from Mon...