360×640 android 4.2 system stand-alone games

Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots

Shooting games

Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots v1.2.1

Armored Squad is a fast paced team shooter with mechs, robots and tanks with ight colorful graphics.Grab your friends and join online PVP battles!Or play 60 offline levels and fight against AI bots.Fight with lasers, swords and rocket launchers at th...

Color Road

Interest games

Color Road v1.2.5

Roll to the ball which has the same color!Avoid the ball which has different color.Good luck!...

Destroyer 2.0 Pro

Shooting games

Destroyer 2.0 Pro v1.4

Robots captured the city! Destroy them! Save people! Meet Big Boss!20 Levels for you to play.Destroyer is a 2D shooter game with uniqueness in art and gameplay. Hope you enjoy it!Play and Enjoy!Motivate us to do more by rating this game with 4+ stars...

LEGO® Elves Match Game with Dragons and Building

Interest games

LEGO® Elves Match Game with Dragons and Building v4.0.1

Solve puzzles, bond with dragons and discover magical powers as you advance through 80 levels of challenging match 3 fun. Join Emily Jones, Azari, Farran, Naida and Aira as they set out on an epic LEGO® Elves fantasy adventure! Unlock hidden amulets ...

Axe Climber

Interest games

Axe Climber v1.15

Get ready to face various dangers during your icy climb! Avoid all traps and conquer the peak by one of 7 funny characters....

Blast Valley

Interest games

Blast Valley v1.1

Tap the screen to shoot and fly as much as you can by upgrading to make your weapon stronger and discover new areas! The most fun physics game!...


Simulation games

Forevolution v1.3

Were writing it the Forest World and reading it the New World.The Ecosystem Simultion Game Forevolution has been upgraded, and is coming to Android !The only thing you can do as a God is to 【Thin Out】the world.○The food-chain game with a lot of stran...

Fruit Block

Interest games

Fruit Block v1.0.0

Fruit Block is super addictive to play and great for relaxing your ain anywhere anytime. Our new designed Fruit Block puzzle also provides new tools for you to revive yourself, refresh matrices or destroy blocks that you don’t like. 5 different theme...

Rushing Balls

Interest games

Rushing Balls v1.1.2

​Roll as fast as you can! Avoid different obstacles and win the race!Best and most addictive balls race!The ball is drawn from a roller coaster-like circuit, constantly crossing and avoiding obstacles. See the reverse, through the parallel, turn and ...

The Ball Reach

Interest games

The Ball Reach v1.6.6

The Ball ReachA Balance Ball Game.Roll The Ball..Balance and Rolling Ball Game..Control the ball by arrow control on the screen...you are able to move the camera all way around in horizontal...You will see traps on your way...This Game doesnt support...

Eat All The Things

Role Play games

Eat All The Things v6

This game is best played with a gamepad - otherwise it can be difficult to complete the platforming elements with a touchscreen!The first version of Eat All The Things has landed here on Android!Players can expect the following additions to come thro...

Demolition Derby Future Bike Wars

Sports games

Demolition Derby Future Bike Wars v1.1

It’s futuristic era where robots transform into future bikes to enter into demolition derby future bike wars arena for real bike racing, extreme stunt driving, and crushing derby bike robot rivals with ultimate machine fire. This amazing robot transf...

Max Shooting

Shooting games

Max Shooting v2.2

Cross-platform top-down shooting game with intense action multiplayer gameplay.Team-up and combat with real opponents from around the world!We introduce a completely new and redesigned game with epic changes and improvements:-4 different classes-40 c...

Extra Color

Puzzle games

Extra Color v1.02

Extra Color is a minimalistic arcade color changing game where enjoyable gameplay meets merciless difficulty, unique missions, different heroes to unlock and level up system.Every tap is a color change. Every color change is a point. Every point is a...

Spartan Runner

Shooting games

Spartan Runner v1.10

Spartan Runner is an action game unlike any other in which you run through 7 different areas armed with your trusty shotgun to send back the invaders from where they come from! You can count on a collection of weapons and vehicles all more powerful t...


Puzzle games

FLO v2.0.115

Flow along an infinite horizon and challenge your Facebook friends in FLO. Roll your ball up and down hills to gain speed in this exciting, fast-paced infinite runner.Use simple one-touch tap gameplay to travel as far as you can, achieve your persona...

tiny sheep

Simulation games

tiny sheep v3.0.2

🐇 Easter Update Coming Soon! 🐇 Want to GROW RICH? Can you TAP FAST enough? CLICK - TAP - BUILD and farm away - even when youre not playing! 5 REASONS TO PLAY TINY SHEEP! ❄ SUPER EASY GAMEPLAY Just keep tapping the screen. The perfect idle clicker t...


Puzzle games

SiNKR v1.0.43

SiNKR is a minimalist puzzle game. There is just you, hooks, pucks, and various contraptions you need to clean up each level. Sink all the pucks to advance to the next challenge. Each level is handcrafted. No scores, no timers, no text, no distractio...

Up a Cave

Action games

Up a Cave v1.04

Up a CaveGuide your cube through extremely challenging caves with variety of traps and enemies.Up a Cave is a physics platformer game where you dash your way out of a cave while collecting gold and diamonds to boost the cubes stats. If you find a lev...

Glitch Dash

Action games

Glitch Dash v1.0.2

Dodge your way past hammers, axes, geometric obstacles and even lasers! Glitch Dash is hard, REALLY hard. Your reflexes need to be on edge to get through the intense mazes that is Glitch Dash.Run through the beautiful and abstract world and just try ...