Android stand-alone games

Survival Lost Island

Interest games

Survival Lost Island v1.3

You must survive! You are alone on lost island. Break trees, find resources, craft items. You must should do many things if you want to survive on night. Take a look Survival Lost Island 3D FREE, this is amazing island adventure!Beware of wild animal...

Oz Maze

Interest games

Oz Maze v1.0

You think you are good!? Well, lets check this out ....The two witches of Oz are battling, and they want to get the ain, heart and courage for their own purposes!Luckily, the great mage hid them, inside a remodeled maze game with a twist, literally!C...

Sky Blaze

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Sky Blaze v1.0

The sky is falling!Meteors are crashing through the sky, headed to your city! The government can’t do anything alone, they need your help! Only you can destroy all the meteors, and save the city!But you have some powerful weapons in your hands: your ...


Interest games

BatVision v1.0

Are you blind, or is it just the darkest cave ever?Theres a dark and scary cave, and only you, the most fearless bat in the world, can pass through it!But theres a big problem: the cave is very dark, and you cant see!Fortunately, your vision has a bi...

Crossy War City Gang

Interest games

Crossy War City Gang v1.0.0

Gangster wars will leave no one indifferent! There are thefts, murders and gunfires. But in this case you need to choose the side: criminals or cops. Its not so simple, right? If you choose criminals, you will earn big money by accomplishing dirty wo...

Smash Time: Arcade Tap Frenzy

Interest games

Smash Time: Arcade Tap Frenzy v4.9.2

The world of Smash Time is being devoured! Alien Blobs fell from the outer space and rapidly started eating everything in their way making them grow in size infinitely! If no one stops them the Universe itself will be extinct! Luckily we have Bica, a...

Robin Hood Free

Interest games

Robin Hood Free v1.8

Join Robin Hood on his latest adventure! While traveling Robin Hood struggles with enemy. Help him fight off roving bandits while evading traps and natural perils. Show your skills as you go and defeat the evil warlord once and for all. Will you live...

Hopstars Endless Runner

Interest games

Hopstars Endless Runner v1.3.2

Control the environment in your favor!Jump, slide, run and shoot your way through the endless levels with enemies and destructable platforms.Harness elements to slay your way through a parkour-like extreme sport....

Survival Island Simulator 2016

Simulation games

Survival Island Simulator 2016 v2.0

You found yourself on a deserted island where you are all alone with wild hungry animals. Your only friends are mines, ores and tress. Probably people left these lands long time ago because you see some strange and deserted houses. You should do your...

Mad City Rooftop Police Squad

Action games

Mad City Rooftop Police Squad v1.0.2

Escape from ultimate police car chase as racing motorcycle rider in epic cops n robbers adventure. Play Mad City Rooftop Police Squad newest action series available for free in Google Play store.Leaving crime life is hardline for any gang members who...

Adventures of Stickman

Interest games

Adventures of Stickman v1.0

In Adventures of Stickman you control a charming little stickman who must traverse hazards, avoid enemies and overcome obstacles on his way to the end of the levels. He’s not the most nimble of heroes and he doesn’t have any skills other than being a...

Woody:Endless Summer

Interest games

Woody:Endless Summer v1.0

Join Woody in Woody Endless Summer, an awesome adventure for becoming the greatest wakeboarder in the world, available for FREE on the Google Play!In Woody Endless Summer you will play as Woody: jumping, spinning and ing into the water trying to perf...

Endless Ducker

Interest games

Endless Ducker v1.0.5

Our good buddy Cody is very tall.When he forgets to duck, he runs into stuff.Please help him.- The rest of the Dude Perfect guys...


Interest games

Pittsfield v1.0

Vina wakes up and finds herself in a small town called Pittsfield. While she is anxious to look for her missing boyfriend and a way out of this strange place, curiosity got the better of her. Nothing is normal about this town, but theres more to just...

Demolition Derby Multiplayer

Interest games

Demolition Derby Multiplayer v1.0.1

The real time online multiplayer Demolition Derby game.Download and play against your friends and rivals now for free!Just some of the awesome features:– Real time player vs player (PvP) multiplayer (random opponents)– Private multiplayer matches aga...

Pretty Adventure

Interest games

Pretty Adventure v1.1

A fun adventure of a cute puppy!!Broadcasting prop room’s puppy doll ‘Pretty’ alive?You are invited to Pretty’s adventure between the inside of the oadcasting company stage and building all the way to space....

Whrestling Fighting

Action games

Whrestling Fighting v1.0

Be ready for a fighting revolution! Enter the world of cruel caged martial arts and let the biggest wrestling contest begin! Beat all the opponents and prove your worth as a Pro Wrestler playing amazing Wrestling Fighting Revolution 3D game!Excite th...

Monster Rules

Strategy games

Monster Rules v1.0.1

“Kill, or be killed! A cutthroat battle to the death between warrior and monsters!”“No second to take a eak! The more you play, the more tension you have!”Warriors who lost the only home and just landed in the Black Continent!The only way to survive ...