Android stand-alone games

Zombo Buster Rising

Shooting games

Zombo Buster Rising v1.06

Zombo Buster Rising is a whole new type of defense shooter! Protect your base against waves of Zombies, using high-tech weapons and special attacks. Unique heroes will help you on your quest, each with his own abilities - surviving the apocalypse wil...

Clash of Crime Gangsters 3D

Shooting games

Clash of Crime Gangsters 3D v1.1

Welcome to Grand City! Here is Brother of San . and clash between San And Max in Vegas City Gangsters Go today!Here is More mission in the Game .and clash with different different gang of gangsters.and Stealing auto cars, Real racing through streets,...

Flying Monster Truck Simulator

Simulation games

Flying Monster Truck Simulator v1

Are you fan of monster truck driving games? Maybe off road drifting? Want to fly monster truck like an Airplane? This game is perfect for you!You can test your airplane pilot skills and truck driving ability at the same time.Drive your monster truck ...

Spubbles:Space Bubbles

Interest games

Spubbles:Space Bubbles v1.1.1

Spubbles is a game in which you have to jump from one moving wall to another, trying not to land on spikes and dodging lasers and meteorites in space.Jump!Dodge!Collect coins and buy new characters!...

Crazy Police 3D

Interest games

Crazy Police 3D v1.8

Welcome rookie cops to your first day as a law enforcement officer, today you are going to learn everything about chasing down criminal suspects in crazy driver police duty 3D. In this newest extreme car driving simulator you have to chase the outlaw...


Interest games

Drup v9

Drup is a pick up and play type game. You play as a glowing white orb where you defend yourself red enemy orbs. You use your tail to engulf them and stop incoming attacks. If a red enemy orb hits the larger white orb, which you are controlling, the g...

Not Golf

Interest games

Not Golf v1.0.0

• 81 fun and challenging levels• 9 courses with more coming soon• built-in competitive speedrun mode...

Monkey Evolution

Interest games

Monkey Evolution v1.0.1

Eek eek! It’s time to release the King Kong inside you! Get ready to really MONKEY IT OUT in this amazing clicker evolution game! Combine different and awesome kinds of monkeys and go beyond your imagination mixing up these crazy fun clowns of the ju...

Pipeline Free

Puzzle games

Pipeline Free v1.02

Pipelines in your cellar got oken and somehow mixed up. Its your job to connect the pipe parts so that the water will not splash everywhere around....


Interest games

Persist v1.4

Persist is the tale of a small spirit trying to reach a mysterious Goddess to seek for forgiveness for his past sins, so he can move on to the higher plane of existence. Unfortunately, the Goddess is trying her hardest to stop him, stealing parts of ...

Girls Cube World

Interest games

Girls Cube World v1.12

Feel like a princess! Play one of the best free games for teenage girls! Exploration moved to another level. This lite app (PE) for teenage Girls, inspired by the epic Pocket Edition game, gives you great opportunity to transform the terrain in 3D en...

Japan Craft: Cube Exploration

Interest games

Japan Craft: Cube Exploration v1.3

Dig, fight, explore build in kawaii Japanese surroundings. Join the japanese miners! Sandbox exploration, survival creative mode moved to another level in Japan Craft. Mine, Craft Build. This lite app (PE), inspired by the epic Pocket Edition Min...

Heavy Truck Simulator

Simulation games

Heavy Truck Simulator v1.52

Be the King of Road in Heavy Truck SimulatorFeatures:- Beautiful Brazilians locations;- Many Trucks, from the old to the newest ones! (more trucks to come on next updates)- Great Graphics;- Realistic Physics and Gameplay;- Dirt Roads with bumps and H...

The Survival Hunter 2

Shooting games

The Survival Hunter 2 vE.1.11v

The Survival Hunter Games 2 is a blockbuster hit loaded with new and even better features! Download today and experience for yourself one of the best first person shooter games available on the market! ...


Interest games


Straight from Ibiza comes a game packed with the hottest exclusive music of the summer:ANTS - THE GAMESomewhere, deep underground, theres a party going on and all the ants will be there. Except you, or? Unfortunately, you overslept and have to hurry ...

Clan of Rabbits

Interest games

Clan of Rabbits v1.0

Do you love rabbits? First of all, thanks so much to all the Wildfooters for suggesting I make a game with rabbits. The ultimate Rabbit simulator you have been looking for. High quality 3D graphics,Super gameplay, and smooth controls. ...

City RoofTop Stunts

Sports games

City RoofTop Stunts v1.2

Drive Over RoofTop and perform crazy stunts being a RoofTop car stunts driver!Want a taste of RoofTop Stunts adventure?Fasten your seat belts and get ready for thrilling RoofTop Stunts Adventures! Drive your Amazing rooftop stunts car in the most spe...


Interest games

Mr.Pixy v1.0.1

Little Mr. Pixy need you more than ever before! He keep falling dawn and dawn. Only you can keep them safe...Stay on the platforms and do as many jump as you can.Just TAP the screen jump Mr. pixy up on the platforms. Pick up crystals to unlock many g...

Astro Attack

Interest games

Astro Attack v1.3.11

Ready player one? Blast your way through waves of video game invaders in Astro Attack!* Lots of video game themed ships to pilot* Retro shooty space action! * Chain powerups to become an unstoppable machine of invader destruction* Simple one touch co...

Rivals Masters

Sports games

Rivals Masters v3.10

The eakaway hit Rivals Masters returns with more dynamic arcade racing road trip. Hop in the sports elite car of your dreams and race down the legendary high speed highways in Rivals Masters!Rivals Masters is a milestone in the genre of endless arcad...