Android stand-alone games

Stupid Stickman

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Stupid Stickman v1.0.1

This is a completely free casual puzzle game, how can it be regarded as the most humble, the idea of this game is contrary to common thinking, the test of intelligence and imagination. After you play, and certainly will be larger call not afford to h...

William Trubridges Plunge

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William Trubridges Plunge v1.53

WTPF’s main focus is to help to save the Hector dolphins. The title aims to achieve this through partnering with William Truidge, a renown dolphin lover. The main character in WTPF is William Truidge himself and the title is an intended representatio...

Yokai Land

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Yokai Land v2.3.1

Welcome to the world of Yo-kai Watch! Yo-kai are everywhere! Have you ever had something strange happen in your life that you couldn’t explain? Chances are, a Yo-kai was responsible! Join Whisper, the Yo-kai butler, as he guides you through the world...

My Little Pony Celebration

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My Little Pony Celebration v1.0.0

It’s a different party everyday in Ponyville in the Haso My Little Pony Friendship Celeation app! Check your mailbox for invitations and then join Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and other Ponies for virtual tea parties, games, a...

Alien Shooter TD

Strategy games

Alien Shooter TD v1.0.9

Be careful when downloading the game: you run the risk of escaping the real world for a long time to get completely absorbed in saving the Earth from the imminent threat! We are happy to present our innovative game in the genre of Tower Defense inspi...

Sampo Lock Free

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Sampo Lock Free v1.2

Boost your ain with this challenging puzzle game and be the first to reveal the secrets of Sampo. Sampo is a magical artifact from Kaleva with great power in it. Rumors claim that the Sampo can give you even immortality. Forget by smith Ilmarinen and...

Crazy Dirt Offroad Car Race

Sports games

Crazy Dirt Offroad Car Race v1.0.2

Real racing journey begin when you are on driving seat and ready to drive racing car to win a battle of car racing. Lets start your car engine and get ready to for an endless journey. Crazy dirt offroad car race is a free game available on play store...

Barbaric:The Golden Hero

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Barbaric:The Golden Hero v0.0.11

Hey Barbaric, what is best in life?To roll over your enemies, steal their chests, and hear the clink of their coins in your inventory!Take the role of a mighty barbarian warrior on an epic quest of monster smashing and loot grabbing! Conquer evil usi...

Clan of Dragons

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Clan of Dragons v1.0

Dragons : the fantasy creatures we all love. In Clan of Dragons, you have the opportunity to control your very own dragons. Fly across the vast landscape while surviving against other fantasy creatures like the Cerberus, the Flying Monster, the 3 Tai...

Street Dog Simulator 3D

Simulation games

Street Dog Simulator 3D v1.1

Are you ready for a Thrilling adventures of city street dog?Play as an ultimate street dog!! It’s time for a and new crazy adventures of street dog simulator. Modes base game with career and free mode. Being a city street dog you have to perform diff...

Real Gangster 5

Action games

Real Gangster 5 v1.0.0.8

Grab The Auto 5 is the best City Driving Game where you can Grab Car and Drive but there is a slight twist in this game, you have lot of enemies in the city who wants to kill you.. Do you have what it takes to survive in the crime city of San Andreas...

Boostmind - brain training

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Boostmind - brain training v1.1

Develop your logical thinking, improve concentration and memory with Boostmind, agame service for the whole family. It aims to overhaul your ain – something for both kids and adults to benefit from. By playing mini games and solving tasks you and you...

Charm Heroes The Match King

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Charm Heroes The Match King v1.1.0

Charm Heroes - The Match King is a great amazing match 3 game where you can make a big blast of yummy candies or fruits. JAM your cookies before they crumble in Charm Heroes - The Match King! Sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist, this match-3 ga...

Kingdom Reborn

Strategy games

Kingdom Reborn v1.0

Fed up with tower defense game? Its time to attack.Kingdom Reborn is a strategy game in which you control your army to attack enemys towers. Thereare many types of troops and spells so you can combine them to make different strategies.Each level in g...

Happy Miner Jump

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Happy Miner Jump v1.0.1

Get ready to blast off on epic jumping journey with Happy Miner Jump!One day, Happy Miner who loves gold and diamonds found the diamond in the pit, but also the magma! What you need to do is just jump! Jump! Jump!!! Come on! Miner needs your help!Col...

Aventuras de Tom

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Aventuras de Tom v1.14

Help Tom, mascot of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, find the Cariocas Sisters Vida, Bela and Sol, playing hide-and-seek around Rio de Janeiro, the Wonderful City.There are 24 super challenging levels in 4 different places to discover:Beach day, forest...

Slice IN

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Slice IN v1.2.4

So simple... but how far can you go? :)RULES★ Fit the slices★ Be precise★ The velocity increases★ The spaces become more strait★ Challenge your friends★ The result reveals your inner animal★ Theres 100 animals to discover and all of them have incredi...


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Mars:Mars v4

MarsCorp is ready to take the first group of volunteers on an exciting mission to Mars! Fly around Mars in one of our and new jetpacks and discover what’s out there.As part of the “Put A Human On Mars No Matter What” program, we are proud to announce...

Super Lynx Rush

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Super Lynx Rush v1.0.5

Super Lynx Rush is an indie 2D platform game. You need kill or avoid the enemies. Find coins and a lot of hidden objects. Collect clocks to stay alive....


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Both adult and kids can enjoy the game [GROW].[How to play GROW] You tap the panel and makes things in field grow.You would complete the game when all panels level would become Lv.MAX.You have to think about the order since there are deep relations w...