Android stand-alone games

Car Jumping

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Car Jumping v1.0

Travel your Car, jumping through ever changing platforms.Single tap to jump.Collect coins, Watch out for moving platforms, and black spikes.Make sure not to fall.Upgrade your car using in game coins, so make sure you collect as many as you can.Compet...

Order in the Court

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Order in the Court v1.0.0

ORDER IN THE COURT! ORDER IN THE COURT!!!The people in your courtroom are out of control! Can you keep them in tact? It’s up to you to keep order until the end of the trial!- easy to jump in ONE TAP gameplay!- use that hammer to your advantage!- humo...


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Gopogo v1.0.1

使用 Google 翻译将说明翻译成中文? 翻译Join the Pogo gang!In a grim sci-fi future where pogoing is outlawed, this gang of misfits eaks all the rules.Pogo over the police and their dogs, avoid hazards, and make it to the top!And once you complete the final level,...


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ThailandKick2 v1.3

The ThailandKick if also Japanese this year ! !Of course! The ThailandKick Tanaka ! !Now ! You ThailandKick also Tanaka ! !...


Adventure games

Houdy v1.0.1

Houdy is a great new platformer ready to give you a challenge! Download the game and get in on the action!...

Rocket Hero

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Rocket Hero v1.1

Rocket Hero Boom!!!Best New FREE Shooting Game for 2015!Here comes Rocket Hero with Cannon. Your boredom must die.Rocket hero is a fun, addicting game with cool graphics and sounds. You need to have good aiming skills to win the game. Best of luck....

Craft Branch

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Craft Branch v1.0

Feel yourself in the infinite world of craft and try to survive. Blocks anches grow and crossy at a fantastic rate. Your task is to avoid them. Tap to rotate the anch. Avoid collisions. Run as fast as possible. Find out whether there is an end infini...

Dino Crossing

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Dino Crossing v1.0.20

Get ready for an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs in this endless hopper arcade game, inspired by the new Disney•Pixar film, “The Good Dinosaur.” Join Arlo, Spot, and more of your favorite characters while they try to cross a harsh and myster...

Battle for Big Blue

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Battle for Big Blue v4.0

Battle For Big BlueMade by RAW for the Oceans, featuring sounds by Pharrell Williams, Battle For Big Blue is the nautical journey teaching us a thing or two about the severity of pollution in our seas.Enter the underwater world in Battle for Big Blue...

Saiyan Warrior

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Saiyan Warrior v2.0.3

Dragon Ghost Saiyan Warrior Z is a mobile adventure is and new story about Super Saiyan Ghost. After Super Saiyan die, they still have to do their mission to fight to the Ghost Power to save the world!In this game we will give you a chance to TRANSFO...

Bump Race

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Bump Race v1.41

Slide down the ice slippery slope, collect checkpoints and powerups, bump into opponents and get ahead of them! Master your techniques to conquer friction and air resistance. Eliminate your opponents and dont let them eliminate you!...

Karate Dino

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Karate Dino v0.8.26

Karate Dino, first game by the small indie Studio Thinkmojo, is an 80’s inspired arcade video game where you, a Karateka, try to survive in a lost world fill with dinosaurs. React fast, stay focused, and you might become the most valorous Karateka th...


Interest games

Cutout v1.2

Cutout is a simple minimalist inspired platformer-puzzle game.Control your cube fit into the hole that is coming towards you! Sweet, short and simple gameplay allows anyone to pick up and go at anytime. Recommended for all-ages.Features-Multiple Game...

Apocalypse Runner 2:Volcano

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Apocalypse Runner 2:Volcano v1.0

We present to you the continuation of the wonderful game Apocalypse Runner. This time our hero has to avoid a huge wave of lava. The new game has got a lot of dangerous obstacles, improved graphics and performance, but still keeps an inexpressible at...

Jump Roll Eyeball

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Jump Roll Eyeball v1.0.8

YAY! Here is fun and enjoyable game JumpnRoll Eyeball! This game is simple, yet challenging!The most exciting and interactive mobile one-touch platformer game FREE TO PLAY!Are you interested in challenging game? Then look at how many wonderful things...

Out of Body

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Out of Body v1.0

Souls are on the loose! They need your help in guiding them higher and higher towards the heavens in this terrifically twisted and exciting endless Out of Body adventure!Being dead sure isn’t easy. These poor souls have to navigate tricky environment...

Chicken vs Fox

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Chicken vs Fox v1.3

While inspecting the colonies in space, Dr. Ghalon noticed that something was wrong. It was an attack of the Fox Globe ision that caused a huge disaster, and a rain of Gems on earth! The Gems must be recovered to continue the Gallinaceous race. Do no...

Enemy Strike 2

Shooting games

Enemy Strike 2 v1.0.0

It has been many years since the alien invasion began. The aliens have gotten more advanced, but so have we! Grab your guns, gear, and armor, and continue the war against the aliens in this furious FPS.You will need all of your advanced warfare train...