Android stand-alone games

Death Blocks 3

Shooting games

Death Blocks 3 v1.0.6

The place you dispatched has occupied by dreadful zombies.The longer you stay, the more danger zombies appear…Blow’em all and survive!...

Popcorn maker

Simulation games

Popcorn maker v1.0.0

Running a business can be a fun and challenging thing, and with this Popcorn maker game you can know just what its like to own your own business and make people happy! Here you prepare your popcorn, flavor, drinks, and candy, before matching the orde...

Commanager HD - City

Interest games

Commanager HD - City v1.0.7

Grow up your business in CommanagerFrom creators of Best Horror Game Called PesadeloCommanager is a strategy game where the player needs to create and manage a commercial building area shops , services, and be mindful of everything and all clients to...

Princess Tea Party

Interest games

Princess Tea Party v1.1

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling for all your attention, Princess Libby is gonna hold a royal tea party!All the princes and princesses are invited! It is the first time that Libby becomes the host. With excitement as well as tension, she is so busy preparin...

Do You Even Drift

Interest games

Do You Even Drift v1.6

Welcome to the toughest drifting game on mobile, your phonetablet better be waterproof because youll be sweating buckets trying to make it around these corners! No grip on the tires? No worries.Collect fuel, unlock vehicles and drive cars sideways! B...

Find the robber

Interest games

Find the robber v1.02

HELP!!! 12 robbers escaped from jail and you as a new sheriff have to find them!!!Game Instructions:You have 60 seconds to catch as many robbers as you can.LOOK OUT: pay attention to the Wanted poster on the background, it will show you the robber yo...

Defend Your Life

Strategy games

Defend Your Life v1.002

Take the role of clever commander and fight for the most precious aspect of human being. Fight for your life in human body and enjoy the unique tower defense experience!You are the commander of human body´s sentinels with clear objective: bacteria an...

Airport Transit Vehicles

Interest games

Airport Transit Vehicles v1.1

think parking is easy and you can use a challenge to show everyone you are the parking king. this 3airport staff vehicle sim park game is a real parking challenge even for the most skilled and experienced driver. work on your precision driving skills...

Blocky Cars

Interest games

Blocky Cars v1.0.3

Blocky Cars – a unique 3D multiplayer shooter with a creative physical puzzle in a single player mode. ★ Build cool cars, put guns on them and take part in epic online battles with your friends all over the world! ★ Choose your side, develop new tact...

Death Racer:Apocalypse Escape

Sports games

Death Racer:Apocalypse Escape v1.0

Death Racer: Apocalypse Escape is the most wanted pocket friendly racing games.Race with the heavy metal modified car, overtaking other vehicle and the race track with heavy traffic.Collect coins to unlock new race car.Game Features of Death Racer: A...

Loading Bay: Unblock the Blox

Interest games

Loading Bay: Unblock the Blox v1.1

Poor Lodeblox, the robot, has a near impossible job in the loading bay. Help him sort the unending supply of blox in this fast paced, mad dash of a puzzle game. Watch as mazes form around Lodeblox to challenge and test you. Youll need all your ains, ...

Mutation Mash

Interest games

Mutation Mash v1.0.0

Mutation Mash is a Crazy Hilarious Puzzle - Action Game! Match radioactive animals to combine them into fun, new mutants! Heal them in your farm to earn coins and level-up! :)Attention! The game requires fast reflexes and a sharp mind. If you liked o...

Helicopter Tanks War

Shooting games

Helicopter Tanks War v1.0

Take control of an elite gunship helicopter, as you unleash a devastating attack on an army of panzer tanks, as they have pillaged the suburban city and taken over the area.Your Apache helicopter is equipped with all the necessary weapons to take dow...

Bear exploration Finding Fault

Interest games

Bear exploration Finding Fault v1.0

There are many patterns of differences, if you have found out? Hurry up with the fastest speed to find it right ~How to play: Choose the difference between up and down between the two plans from the picture area....

Victory Baseball Team Free

Simulation games

Victory Baseball Team Free v2.0

bases loaded, two outs in the ninth inning! If you were a baseball manager, what would you do? John McGraw? Joe McCarthy? You can also be a legendary baseball manager. Victory Baseball Team is a baseball team management simulation game in which a pla...

Satan is too strong! !

Role Play games

Satan is too strong! ! v1.0

Climax from the beginning!Suddenly the final battle with the devil!Easy flashy jumble game you only want to tap!Defeat the devil is called the fellow in the tap.I stand up by force of numbers a super powerful demon king to the other party.To release ...

Dream Chase

Interest games

Dream Chase v1.1.1

Kirara is a dream chaser and ready to take on any adventure that comes her way. Kirara is blessed with the super flying power to conquer her dreams. She has to fly into five different dream worlds to achieve her dream. It doesn’t come easy in this ga...

Cube Runner free

Interest games

Cube Runner free v1.1.1

Cube Runner 3DManaging the 3D cube is not that easy a task. Try our new sprint series in 3D.The cube accelerates and you need to manage its running on the 3 tracks. The tracks are laid with obstacles to obstruct continuous progress of the cube. Start...

Cuties Touch

Interest games

Cuties Touch v1.8

Cuties Touch is a simple elimination game. The game uses the traditional three-elimination play, you only need to apply the same three or more adjacent elements connected together can be removed. Element of the game is more Beholder, even monocular s...

Way to Gold

Interest games

Way to Gold v1.0.2

Join Prospector Joe and Nuggy on their WAY TO GOLD!This new and innovative match 4 mobile game takes you on an epic gold mining journey. Gameplay is simple; line up four or more gold nuggets in a row to score. Just don’t let that pesky coal get in yo...