Android stand-alone games

Sushi Mania

Interest games

Sushi Mania v1.0.4

Tired of always candy and cookie? Why not try something new? Come and enjoy delicious sushi in Sushi Mania!!...

Sequence Nine

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Sequence Nine v1.7

Sequence Nine is a free to play puzzle game in which you have to get from a to b in an always changing environment by shaping repeating patterns. As you complete more levels, the environment becomes increasingly more complex, and different obstacles ...

Stretch Dungeon

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Stretch Dungeon v1.0

Tap to stretch the walls, as you bounce around and fall through four different environments in this fast paced mind bending action game, by the studio that ought you Silly Sausage and Leap Day. ...

Mexico Crime City War

Action games

Mexico Crime City War v2.0.0

Join the urban war with the biggest crime gang. Beware of cops, always carry your gun with you and if you like an auto, just take it. It’s time to dominate the city. Clean it up completing different quests and enjoying new level of open-world!...

Ice Cream Paradise

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Ice Cream Paradise v1.0.1

Ice cream! Ice cream everywhere! The residents of Savoreaux should be happy in their world of sweet, delicious treats. Instead, everyone’s got a case of the Blues, a terrible condition that makes them want to stay inside and mope around all day. Ther...

Vertigo Racing

Sports games

Vertigo Racing v1.0.4

Put your pedal to the metal and hurtle through stunningly vertiginous landscapes in gorgeous 50’s automobiles! Travel as far and as fast as you can without falling to your destruction....

3D Garbage Truck Parking Sim

Simulation games

3D Garbage Truck Parking Sim v2.0

Get ready to experience some real garbage truck parking. This garbage truck simulator lets you know how it feels to be a real truck driver. As a real truck driver driving a real garbage truck you are responsible for a healthy environment. Get ready t...

Run Lucy Run

Interest games

Run Lucy Run v1.09

Agent Lucy is tracked by some intelligence agencies. She has to accomplish a top-secret mission assigned before caught by these agencies. But something unexpected happens at the end of the story! You need to fight for a variety of purposes in various...

Dog Race Stunts 2016

Interest games

Dog Race Stunts 2016 v1.3

Greyhound Dog Racing Stunts Adventures are just going to begin!!Get ready for amazing race between greyhound dogs! Time for Specially trained Greyhound Dog Stunts Racing Adventures!What’s the Dog Race stunts 2016 is all about??Racing is one of most...


Interest games

Six! v1.0.1

Six! is the latest game from Gram Games, makers of global smash hits 1010! and Merged!. This game is challenging, exciting and infuriating at times. As with all great puzzlers, Six! is great in one minute bursts or hours of emotive fun....

Through the City

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Through the City v1.0

Through the City is a dynamic endless racing game that will challenge your reflex. Its all about driving in traffic....

World Of Riders

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World Of Riders v1.31

World Of Riders is the most realistic racing game where you can have a full motorcycle racing experience.Starting with level 1, you can proceed to the higher levels by attending to the competitions and by completing assigned tasks. So you can get cre...

AEN City Bus Stunt Arena 17

Interest games

AEN City Bus Stunt Arena 17 v1.2

EPIC CITY BUS MONSTER TRUCK STUNTSWith AEN City Bus Stunt Arena 17 you will drive a MONSTER TRUCK CITY BUS… Yes you have read it well, a real monster truck city bus with all the epic features that a monster truck simulator gives you plus all the extr...

Superhero Wrestle Fight

Interest games

Superhero Wrestle Fight v2.0.0

Guide superhero through 3 matches and try to stay on the top of the city. You have to push over your opponent or force him out of the top of the skyscraper to win a match. Make your opponent to hit the ground, otherwise you will lose....

Fishing Craft

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Fishing Craft v1.0.0

Fishing Craft – fishing sport game for real fisherman, that will let you to enjoy fishing whenever you want....


Interest games

RobinHood v1.0.0

There’s a new hero in town, and she has her sights set on giving the loot back to the poor! Follow Robin on her quest to turn the town around in this unique spin on a matching adventure. Except in Robin’s world, you’re not matching…You’re MERGING! Co...

Tap Fly Hero

Interest games

Tap Fly Hero v1.407

Tap and fly your way through dangers in this near impossible action platformer game!Tap Fly Hero presents you just an ordinary guy named Jim... OK, actually hes a superhero who can fly. Jim flies through this insanely difficult lava filled adventure ...


Interest games

BuildATruck v1.2

BUILD and RACE your very own monster trucks! Build A Truck allows you to customize and build monster trucks. But choose carefully, as each decision and building block will have real impact on your trucks when the races begin! Experiment with the phys...

Christmas Snow Truck Legends

Interest games

Christmas Snow Truck Legends v1.5

Merry Christmas everybody! Santa Claus is in serious need for some offroad truck drivers that can help out deliver present to all mountain city people. Santa Christmas gift delivery express has an open vacancy. Are you interested? Download now for fr...