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December 21st

Puzzle games

December 21st v1.0.5

5 Temple Mayan where you have to run to save the WORLD. Run because you have only few time.Do you like puzzles? This game is for you! Discover how to prevent the END OF THE WORLD. Solve the sokoban puzzles playing with a mayan shaman.A long time ago,...

Little Bridges - Link Paths

Interest games

Little Bridges - Link Paths v1.0

Bring a village to life in Little Bridges! The citizens have just moved to a new village and they need a helping hand to place their buildings in a way that everyone end up happy. Can you give them a little help?Touch and drag the buildings of the vi...

Pop to Save

Puzzle games

Pop to Save v1.4

Pop to Save is mobile puzzle game based on particle physics, line drawing and erasing. With this compatible combination you will experience a different gameplay through our unique game. Physical interaction at games is an entertaining factor itself, ...

Polar Escape

Interest games

Polar Escape v1.0.1

Everyone started going insane. It happens at this cold faraway places. When you were first given the job to work as a scientist on the South Pole you cheered with joy. If you could only see yourself now. Bad weather is coming; your company sent a res...

Escape Fear House 2

Interest games

Escape Fear House 2 v1.2

The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can you escape this place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up for the challenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope you will love it!...

City Bus Simulator 2016

Simulation games

City Bus Simulator 2016 v1.7

Enjoy one of the most realistic City Bus Simulator of 2016! Live the dream and become a real bus driver in City Bus Simulator 2016. Start from the bottom and work your way up by completing different kind of missions because as a bus driver, you need ...

Zombie Craft Runner 3D

Interest games

Zombie Craft Runner 3D v1.0

The most exciting and fascinating adventures in the game is difficult to imagine without the hostile mobs. Of course, they add complexity to the story, but with them incredibly interesting. Well, where else do you have to run headlong from the zombie...

Whack Your Neighbour

Interest games

Whack Your Neighbour v1.0.4

A simple point and click game of cartoon violence and stress relief, Whack Your Neighbour features 32 different ways to bloodily resolve a typical dispute in an everyday neighbourhood.Comments from YouTube Gamersjacksepticeye: A lot more gruesome tha...

Triple Dragon Evolution 2016

Interest games

Triple Dragon Evolution 2016 v1.0.3

Triple Dragon Evolution 2016 is an addictive puzzle game about matching three or more dragons in the city and evolve into the greatest dragons world in this age. Combine and transform this nest of flying dragons to their destination. It’s time for Tr...

Rhino Smash

Interest games

Rhino Smash v1.0

Rhino smash - one tap adventure.Do You like simple and endless games with nice graphic and animation? If answer is yes then this game is right for You.Proudly developed by Deyan AppThank You for playing....

Find the Difference for Kids

Interest games

Find the Difference for Kids v1.0

Find the Difference for Kids game: whats the difference between two photos? Can you “spot it”?☑ “Compare two pictures side by side” to search for differences;☑ When you “find the different object”, tap on it as fast as possible!☑ Identify 5 different...

My Crazy Cars

Interest games

My Crazy Cars v1.0.5

Its a crazy car EXTRAVAGANZA! Customize, design and drive your very own CRAZY CAR! Before hitting the track, care for your race car with professional mechanic tools. Wash, repair and fuel your car for the big race! Earn coins as you play and upgrade ...

Military Driver 3D

Interest games

Military Driver 3D v1.1

Military Driver 3D Simulator is the first game character into the Military Game] Provide on and off the systemIf you are a Military fans must not mistake this 3D casual game yo!game is very simple, Carefully controlling the game protagonists drive a ...

City Extreme Traffic Racer

Sports games

City Extreme Traffic Racer v1.0.1

City Extreme Traffic Racer - this eathtaking arcade racing on the roads of the city and beyond.Steer your car on the exciting road, earn money and buy new cars. Upgrade your car, buy new wheels that would look cooler, and receive bonuses from the rac...

Zombie Attack 2

Interest games

Zombie Attack 2 v1.01

Zombie attack 2 is one of the best adventure, zombie shooter run game. Zombie Attack 2 is a 2D adventure game with shooting the zombies to survive in a zombie world. Zombie attack 2 will be one of the best adventure shooting game in just 7.9 MB.Zombi...

Volcanic Field 2

Interest games

Volcanic Field 2 v1.0

The earths crust has been weakened, and magma is continuously flowing through its cracks. Causing a serious amount pressure deep within the Earth. The earth held on as long as it could; however, the pressure was just to great and magma has started bu...

Gold Miner:Brain Work

Interest games

Gold Miner:Brain Work v1.0.0

Do you really think you know arithmetic? Lets check!You just need to choose the right answer on simple arithmetical questions.Have fun:)...

Zombie Catchers

Interest games

Zombie Catchers v1.0.6

Lets go zombie hunting! Catch zombies for fun and profit!*** TOP 10 game in over 90 countries! ****** TOP 5 action game in over 100 countries! ***Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game in a world riddled by a zombie invasion! Planet Earth is inf...

Ricochet Theory 2

Interest games

Ricochet Theory 2 v1.0.3

Ricochet Theory 2 has arrived! Ricochet Theory 2 is still the same simple thought-provoking physics game with even more crazy puzzles. And this time around you will have much more control as you must draw your own lines and platforms to make the ball...


Interest games


Tap to shoot. Destroy the clocks. Can you earn all 100 stars?100 QUEST LEVELS + SURVIVAL MODEMy elves play Clocks instead of making toys.~Santa...