Android stand-alone games

Super! ALPACA Bros.

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Super! ALPACA Bros. v2.0.3

It’s finally here! Gather alpacas, raise them, and have a great war against your rivals all around the world! Available only now! Super Magic Alpaco for all as a free gift!...


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Madwarf v1.3

Madwarf 3D is a puzzle game which is developed for Android Platform. The game has several entertaining and puzzling stages.Pass the stages and save the dwarf from the dangerous mine!...

Spaceship Rotation

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Spaceship Rotation v1.1.0

RAT Interactive presents Space Ship Rotation, the ultimate maze game. Can you rotate your ship through 21 tricky levels of fun. dodge your way past multiple types turrets and other flying objects to reach the checkpoint towards the next level. Unlock...


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EETAN v1.8

Fly and eak icks!!Destroy the blocks coming and get the bullets!! The speed is important!1This is a simple and addictive arkanoid game.How long can you fly on EETAN?...


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Endless v1.1.0

Hit an exhilarating home run using the simple controls!Can you hit your rivals pitch?!A smart phone version of the popular app enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people.Both men and women love it!This serious competition provides plenty of heart-pou...

City Drift Free

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City Drift Free v1.0

Got bored tons of low-quality drift games out there? Great, we have some good news!You have found the best and most comprehensive drift game on the planet.Choose your RWD car from a collection of cars in the garage. Drive and drift around the city to...

Red Dwarf XI:The Game

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Red Dwarf XI:The Game v1.1

To watch go to Dwarf XI : The Game is an action-packed mobile game that ties in with series XI of the multi-award winning TV show Red Dwarf.Take command of the mining ship Red Dwarf and follow the characters on a journey throu...

Commercial Bus Simulator 16

Simulation games

Commercial Bus Simulator 16 v1.6

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION GAMES HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS MUCH FUNGet ready to experience the ultimate simulation feeling. Be the city bus driver in this bus simulator game. Mobile simulation games have never been this realistic. Are you a skilled enough pass...


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Curlig v1.0.1

Compete with 1 vs 1 matches. Try to beat opponents with taking %50 of the map! And dont let them occupy you.Turn by turn, paint the map to your color and erase the other color. Do it until you hit %50. Then, coins are yours. Be a master of this uniqu...

Rolling Down

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Rolling Down v1.2.6

Keep rolling down, and get faster and faster!Avoid hitting bumps, traps, and holes!Collect coins and unlock new characters and stages!How far can you go?...

Taxi Sim 1976

Simulation games

Taxi Sim 1976 v0.3

Taxi driving gets more exciting with this all new game. The passengers are waiting, SO HURRY UP!- Features of Amazing Taxi Sim 1976- Engaging driving missions- Smooth and simple controls- Realistic City visuals- Realistic Animated Passengers....

Flippy Bottle

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Flippy Bottle v2.1

Wanna be the Master of Flip? Flip the Bottle to Extreme Victory! Go around the house and outdoors as you play the latest craze of Flipping those awesome bottles away!...

Pirate Treasure

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Pirate Treasure v1.0.0

It is said that pirates are the worlds richest man. However, the pirate captain of his most precious treasure chest hidden in an unknown place. By chance, the boy received a runaway pirate captain treasure map. He decided to go looking for the lost t...

Wrecky Road:Canyon Carnage

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Wrecky Road:Canyon Carnage v1.0.6

The long awaited successor to Wrecky Road is finally here!With updated graphics, new environments, powerups, and many new obstacles to smash your enemies into, Wrecky Road: Canyon Carnage will keep you entertained for hours on end!...

Pillar Path

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Pillar Path v1.1

Guide your sphere through a floating world of moving pillars. Control the obstacles to make a path for your ball. Collect gems to collect all of the balls. Can you reach the endless mode?!...

PetWorld:WildLife Africa

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PetWorld:WildLife Africa v1.0

Become the new manager of an African park for wild animals and care for lions, rhinos and zeas to make them healthy again and give them to zoos and new owners. Like a veterinarian, youll have to make sure to treat every illness correctly and to give ...

Bob The Builder

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Bob The Builder v1.0

Bob the Builder™: Build City! Take control of Scoop the digger, Muck the dump truck and Lofty the mobile crane! They are born to build! Bob the Builder™: Build City is an interactive game that lets kids use their imaginations and play however they wa...

Monster Sandwich

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Monster Sandwich v1.2

Monster Sandwich (a puzzle game that tests your skills of insight)Its a super fun puzzle game!Adventure to a land inhabited by mysterious monsters.Put an end to the fight between Blue Monsters and Red Monsters, once and for all.Use your puzzle solvin...

Corgi Pro Skater

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Corgi Pro Skater v1.2

Corgi, Poodle, Pug, Chihuahua... And many more! Ride with the coolest dogs, and unlock crazy skateboards and costumes for them!...

Stickman Jumping

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Stickman Jumping v1.0

stickman jumping is the best jumping game of to play?- just tap left or right on screen to jump, but you must carefully avoid obstacle (barrier)- collect coins to gain more lives* BE WARNED: this game is INSANELY addictive!* dont stickman ju...