Android stand-alone games

Carpcraft:Carp Fishing

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Carpcraft:Carp Fishing v1.0.8

Carpcraft is a real time carp fishing game that allows you to experience the thrill of carp fishing wherever you are at any time of the day or night.Use your skill and knowledge to catch Carp. Learn our virtual lakes, find out the best tackle, rig an...

Whirlpool Car Derby 3D

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Whirlpool Car Derby 3D v1.2

Drag drop your foes down! Best Whirlpool Car Smash Derby Adventures Awaits!!Are you ready for a CRAZY Whirlpool Car derby smash experience!!! Can you survive the deadly whirlpool demolition derby?Lets see if you can survive the most deadly smash fie...

Shadow Clicker

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Shadow Clicker v1.0

Dark forces try to conquer your world. Can you summon up all strength, gather an army of invincible warriors and enter a violent struggle for the sake of all mankind?Tap to kill monsters, collect coins, recruit mercenaries, invest your goods in abili...


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Dandelion v1.0

Dandelion is a simple yet philosophical game. Normally speaking, it is a 2D mobile puzzle game. You helps the dandelion to spread seeds among the mountains and caves. The main mechanics include shifting your perspective and striking the screen to blo...

Superhot Shooter 3D

Shooting games

Superhot Shooter 3D v1.1

…you don’t know, who you are, and what is going on here. These strange red faceless human-like creatures just trying to kill you! But you have one advantage: time moves only when you’re moving! So, use your shooting and fighting skills, to eak free f...


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LEAVE v1.11

Escape the gravity of Star cluster turned into a Super-massive Black hole in your Anti-matter Space ship, while surviving the falling matter by dodging them at a near light speed....

Tank io2

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Tank io2 v1.0.0

A huge open crazy world where live goes around the army of tanks. Every player has its own tiny tank and has to destroy the hostile one. Build the largest cell and upgrade your tank and a tower to shoot. Control your cell and watch out your powerful ...


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Babysitter v1.0.3

~~ HELP! The mommies in TabTale Town need a babysitter ASAP! Can you save the day?!~~ Be the best babysitter ever! Have fun with the babies and make sure they don’t make a total MESS! It’s MADNESS! ~~ Enjoy tons of activities with the babies - do art...

Crush Your Friends

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Crush Your Friends v1.2

Crush Your Friends is a local multiplayer game, best enjoyed with a shared phone or tablet between friends. Featuring easy one-tap controls. Use your reflexes to hit the yellow blocks from their perches, and watch as it satisfyingly crushes your frie...

Duck Roll

Puzzle games

Duck Roll v1.00

使用 Google 翻译将说明翻译成中文? 翻译Roll, push and blast your way through 100+ levels of pure puzzling.With erse stages, unique challenges and loads of tools to learn and master, Duck Roll is the puzzler youve been looking for! Have fun :)...


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Rebellious v1.1.2

Upgrade your tank by destroying shapes placed throughout the game or defeating other players. Compete online against real players or practice offline to become the most powerful tank in the universe! This is an original game inspired by Nebulous and ...

Tank Fortress

Shooting games

Tank Fortress v1.0

Welcome to Tank Fortress!Country is threantened! Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our country!In the year 2069, when all the power sources have gone dried, nation sent tanks to each other to look for resources. Is this the end of the w...

My Ice Cream Truck

Simulation games

My Ice Cream Truck v1.0.3

Your love for ice cream is so big that you feel like sharing it with everyone around? Well, with My Ice Cream Truck, now you can!Drive your ice cream truck through the sweetest neighborhoods offering more than just refreshing treats, but sugary happi...

Steppy Heroes

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Steppy Heroes v1.2

We welcome you in the worlds first simulator of the feet! The goal of the game crossing the chasm to walk from platform to platform step by step and go so far as possible.Compete with friends, collect rewards, and unlock new characters.Good luck, Com...

Blocky San Andreas Police 2017

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Blocky San Andreas Police 2017 v1.0

Hi there, police cadet. You’re ready for your first day working the field? We have a special task for you. As the rookie police officer you’re responsible for transporting all the blocky robbers and thieves through the hill climb off road mountains. ...

Naughty Monster Story

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Naughty Monster Story v1.0.11

Swap Blocks! Save Animals! More than a rescue!Monsters from outer space have kidnapped the baby animals! Rescue baby animals and re-unite them with their parents.Youll have to swap, tap, and clear same-colored blocks in order to rescue your animal fr...


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Dogeza v1.1

[Attention] This game control is difficult. Try control practice first.Challenge the most beautiful apology.Your opponent is not easily accepting the apology.Apologize in his strange obstacles through the right spot.Using your skilled balance control...

Monster Truck Jungle

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Monster Truck Jungle v1.10

Are you ready to perform amazing stunts and explore deep Jungle with one of these Powerful Monster Trucks?Pick the best big Monster Truck car and unleash the power at this wild Race! Monster Trucks are not only powerful and fast in this free game, th...

Offroad Car G

Simulation games

Offroad Car G v1

This luxury 4x4 SUV driving simulator ensures realistic car damage and accurate driving physics. A free app lets you drive an off-road vehicle and even drift. There are three different game modes to choose from. 1. CITY. In the CITY mode you are part...


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This game stimulates the senses with a fantasy!The ultimate fun! This has been a fantastic fairy fantasy game!Born in the classic work of professional composers who are filled with emotional game!And! Healing emotional stimuli games admiring the back...