480×854 android stand-alone games

More Gold

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More Gold v1.0

Collect gold is not only fun, but sometimes dangerous! Especially when youre a bird cubic or penguin running on an unpredictable road that and want to throw you more trouble. Come casual levels, collect coins, compete with friends and other players f...

Snake Game:Puzzle Solving

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Snake Game:Puzzle Solving v1.0.3

This puzzle game is about a weird Snake. He can only TURN RIGHT. Whenever trying to TURN LEFT, he has to drink a fabulous elixir. To help him escape 99 mysterious mazes and avoid many monsters and obstacles blocking his way, you should have the strat...

Spin Free

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Spin Free v1.0

Spin around the tube and avoid obstacles in this insanely addictive game! Tap the screen to go left, an release to go right. Are you up for the challenge?...

Purgatory Co.

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Purgatory Co. v1.0.1

You have a role of the conveyor worker in Purgatory. Jars with souls are moving on the conveyor lane and the worker should decide in time when the jar must go to heaven or to hell. But he must hurry up, there are a lot of souls and little time left, ...

Rich Man TaTaTa

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Rich Man TaTaTa v1.0

Our rich man once again finds out a new way to play!He prepares to open concerts in kinds of strange places.Lets help him set up the stages and enjoy his performance!...


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Orconoid v1.0.1

On Orconoid, along different levels, we must defeat countless armies of orcs and protect, thanks to our shield, the sorcerers of the kingdom. Smash the hordes of orcs who have come to attack us and expel them forever....

Water Slide Park Tycoon 3D

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Water Slide Park Tycoon 3D v1.0

Enjoy the speed, race through the water and enjoy the sliding! Play the Water Slide Park Tycoon 3D game today!Control the speeds of the rides and be careful while making sharp turns at intersections of a massive waterslide! Enjoy adrenaline rush as y...

WW2: Sandbox.Strategy&Tactics

Strategy games

WW2: Sandbox.Strategy&Tactics v1.0.30

Sandbox is the unlimited sequel to our Strategy Tactics: World War II. Weve abandoned historical restrictions and turn limits making your task deceptively simple - take command of any European army and lead it to victory in World War 2.You can recre...

Churchill Solitaire

Chess games

Churchill Solitaire v1.1

Challenge yourself with the most diabolical version of solitaire ever devised, a card game played by Winston Churchill during the Second World War. ...

Beat Stack

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Beat Stack v1.0

In this endless color match game your mission is to play as fast as you can to amp up the music; the faster you play, the better the mix. Theres 5 different tracks with different play speeds, including techno, dubstep, chiptune and chillout music. Mo...

The Human Age (Unreleased)

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The Human Age (Unreleased) v1.0

Swipe to join matching stages of humanity and advance them from caveman to scholars. Build humanitys greatest wonders and expand your board in this game that is simple to learn and hard to master....

Pixel Archer King

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Pixel Archer King v0.18

Pixel Archer King!Lets defeat monsters with retro style characters drawn with dot graphics. Anyone can play the Pixel Archer King with simple and easy operation of tapping wherever one wishes to shoot.archery best to satisfy you, bow, archer game...

Space Farmer Tom

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Space Farmer Tom v1.0.3

This game takes place in AD 2060.Let me first explain the big and small scientific events that have taken place.Year 2020Virtual reality became widespread, and its related technologies developed rapidly....

Bathroom Break

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Bathroom Break v1.8

Its frog dissection day in Biology class...If I see one more dead frog body, Im... Im going to...Oh god... No... NOOOOOO#BathroomBreak...

Six Up!

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Six Up! v1.0.3

Six Up! is a new puzzle game with easy to play game 🎮 concept!Easy rules: only tap to destroy blocks and dont let the six Hexagon fall down!Build your own strategy with the exciting six play experience!Do your best score in six and compete with your...

Hexagon King

Simulation games

Hexagon King v1.1.5

Hexagon King is an easy to play but challenging six puzzle action game, where you have to tap on blocks to remove them.The goal is to keep the six hexagon figure on the tower of blocks and not let it fall off for as long as possible.Dont rush, the si...


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Passage v1.7.3

The more you are going through passages, the more point and multiplicator you get! Control the speed of passages by simply touching your screen.The rules are simples but trust me its addictive and really fun....