480×854 android stand-alone games

Breath of Light

Puzzle games

Breath of Light v1.0.1612

Hold a quiet moment.Breath of Light is a meditative and beautiful puzzle game with a hypnotic soundtrack by Winterpark.***BEAUTIFULInspired by modern minimalism combined with a range of meditative art styles, from Zen Gardening to Sumi-e inks and Ind...

Push Morty Push

Interest games

Push Morty Push v0.18

Do you still remember the game” Push Box” ?Do you want to relive your childhood fun?Come on and download this game now!Push Morty Push is a 2D puzzle casual game. It aims to training your ability of logical thinking.You have to control a robot to put...

Archer 2

Shooting games

Archer 2 v1.4

90 LEVELS full of HUGE challenges for a SMALL price. You’ll be OVERSTUFFED!Archer is an addictive, pickup-and-play action game which puts you in the heart of all-out Medieval Battle. A game full of emotion where you will adventure yourself with the c...

Wheels Of Survival

Interest games

Wheels Of Survival v1.0.4

Have you ever been walking by the forrest and all of sudden just fallen into a deadly mechanical pit filled with cogs and acid? No? Well, it is good to be prepared! Which you can do in this simple and fun game containing hundreds of fun and challengi...

Wild Wolf Hunting 2015

Shooting games

Wild Wolf Hunting 2015 v1.0

What is better than shooting wolves in the jungle? Yeah. Let’s rumble in the jungle for fantastic, heart throbbing missions, with your favorite sniper. This safari killing will take you to the widest meadows to the craziest mountains.Make sure you ge...

Super Weasel Pecker

Interest games

Super Weasel Pecker v1.0.3

A game inspired by the popular #WeaselPecker internet meme!Tilt to steer and tap to fly higher in the air as you control the weasel and the woodpecker (or WeaselPecker for short)! Your goal is to pass as many rings as possible without touching them o...

Super Llama Chase

Interest games

Super Llama Chase v1.2.4

Zeas are on the loose! We were excited about #ZeaGate happening in Brussels so now you can play Super Llama Chase as zeas!You can also watch a video ad to disable other ads for 5 minutes!A game inspired by the popular #LlamaDrama internet meme!White ...

Escape The Horrors Floor

Puzzle games

Escape The Horrors Floor v1.1

This release is a version with thematic of horror, where you will have to test your skills to find the elements that will help you pass the level. Great 3D graphics Super entertaining and terrifying levels fx sounds...

Escape Eternity

Puzzle games

Escape Eternity v1.5

Escape Eternity is a simple 3D escape the room game, its my first created in UNITY and has essentially been a learning experience.Its just a short test game and hopefully Ive learnt enough now to create some big epic escape games in the very near fut...

Killer Escape 3

Adventure games

Killer Escape 3 v2.1

After escaping from two serial killers its time to get out of here and find out who you are! But the Observer has other plans for you...Point Click Escape adventure with mature Sci-Fi themes and CG Blood ;-)Theres a link to the video walkthrough on ...

Scary House Escape

Puzzle games

Scary House Escape v1.0

This scary house is filled with fear and horror! You are in danger, find the door and escape from the scary house! It seems like nobody is around, but you can hear strange sounds from all direction. The sound, screaming, flushing water, woman gigglin...

Killer Escape Free

Adventure games

Killer Escape Free v2

You awake in a cold and dirty cell confronted by a twisted serial killer!!He leaves you alone for a while but promises that hell be back soon. You dont have much time...Solve the puzzles, find the keys and escape from this place whilst discovering th...


Interest games

Tsunami v1.0.13

Tsunami is a retro style action game. Each level you must run through a city maze as a giant tsunami wave closes in behind you. While outrunning the tsunami you must also rescue children lost throughout the levels and ing them with you in your search...


Interest games

LoliRock v0.1643

Sing like a popstar! Be one of LoliRock! - Sing along the LoliRock hits: Higher, Revolution, B.F.F., Celeate and We are Magic.- Record your performance so that your friends can listen to it.- Make the girls of LoliRock dance to the beat thanks to you...

Soldier Assault

Interest games

Soldier Assault v1.0

Soldier Assault - First-person shooter game!Feels like a real SOLDIER !Enjoy FPS shooting with most advanced weapons and special trained soldier.Turn your android phone into a battle field and kill all your enemy bots.- NEW Small Town Map- First Pers...

Save the Little Fairies

Interest games

Save the Little Fairies v1.0.0

We introduce you to an amazing educational game created around the story of the three Little Fairies! All little girls will love them as their beauty and the magic that surrounds them is just amazing.Go through the many levels in Fire Land, Water Lan...

Farming PRO 2015

Simulation games

Farming PRO 2015 v1.2

It’s time for you to start your agricultural career with this realistic farming simulator. Harvest fields, raise animals, walk around your farm to manage buildings, drive combines, tractors, trucks and semis and master over 50 farm tools and implemen...

BMX Fever 3D - Speed Escape

Interest games

BMX Fever 3D - Speed Escape v1.0

Be Ready To Perform Crazy Tricks and Escape at High Speed. Speed up, jump and skid. Perform crazy tricks and avoid the hurdles. All you need to do is to jump over and skid below the obstacles and go as far as you can. Sounds Easy? Lets see how far yo...

Dungeon Flicker

Adventure games

Dungeon Flicker v1.0.1

A simple and addictive flick-and-go dungeon exploration game. How tall will your tower grow?How to play :Tap the Tower to start.Flick to move around.Your turns are limited, so proceed with caution!If you find an exit in time, you get to keep collecte...

Escape Runner 3D

Interest games

Escape Runner 3D v1.0

Stuck in an ancient Tomb. All your friends are picked up by unseen evil forces and you must run to escape the tomb and save your life. There are crazy obstacles and deadly catches. Evil is out to HUNT. CAN YOU ESCAPE!!Escape Runner 3D is a free game ...