480×854 android stand-alone games

Dead End St

Shooting games

Dead End St v2

The zombie hordes are coming! Arm yourself with an arsenal of guns, grenades and molotovs to take down angry undead mobs in this zombie-survival horror shooter game!Play as Brett as he tries to protect his family by blasting through the rotting Decay...

Buttsen Burner

Interest games

Buttsen Burner v2

Join Harry Buttsen in his attempt to escape from an insane tower! Buttsen Burner is an exciting, reaction-time testing, and hilariously ridiculous 2D platformer that will test your speed, as well as your platforming prowess.This action-packed game ta...

Tracer Dash

Interest games

Tracer Dash v1.1

Tracer jumps and dashes through Pharahs Rockets and Junkrats Riptyres in this Endless Runner inspired by Overwatch!...

Wonder Plane

Simulation games

Wonder Plane v1.2

Wonder Plane lets you explore a world of dazzling adventures and exciting rewards!Perform loopy stunts in your plane and collect shiny dazzling stars! Embark on a fun filled journey in your plane full of challenging obstacles!Complete heroic challeng...

Torque Burnout

Sports games

Torque Burnout v1.8.3

Torque Burnout is an unashamedly over the top driving game which combines the best parts of every racing game!Grip the wheel, put your foot to the floor and drive like a maniac, completing donuts and drifts like a champion. Evolve your ride and push ...

Hexasmash 2

Interest games

Hexasmash 2 v1.02

Aim and shoot the balls at the hexagonal targets, using the dozens of awesome physics objects to clear a path or set up the perfect shot. See how many balls it takes you to smash all the targets!Destroy the blue hexagons to pass the level, and the gr...

Flick Soccer France 2016

Sports games

Flick Soccer France 2016 v1.1

Play soccer with ultimate control and realistic ball physics. Do you have the skill to be a world class player?FUN GAMEPLAYFive addicting game modes including nail-biting free kicks, arcade style target practice, and showing off your soccer skills in...

Androids Dream VR

Simulation games

Androids Dream VR v1.0

Androids Dream is a VR experience, a ride over a cyberpunk city largely inspired by a famous SF movie (a tribute). You are in a flying car and you have just to enjoy the ride until you land on a futuristic tower....

Galaxy Journey of Color

Interest games

Galaxy Journey of Color v1.0.0

- Tap to jump - Your ball will switch color with color change item.- The ball can go through if the color are the same.-Try to get best score...


Puzzle games

HardCube v1.1

Each level are completely different setting, unlike each other, and the different scenery that ings a bit of variety to the game. So as for each setting have been specially recorded soundtracks from our composer, which dilute the tense atmosphere of ...

Slenderman Must Die

Shooting games

Slenderman Must Die v1.0.3

Can you escape from a Industrial Waste Area ?There’s a Slender Man hidden in the darkness.You must fight him to survive!...

Jelly Bang

Puzzle games

Jelly Bang v1.0

Jelly Bang is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.Join jellies of same color. But watch out, dont run out of moves!Play through dozens of levels. Complexity ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. How yo...

Gemstone Jumble

Interest games

Gemstone Jumble v2.27

Welcome to Gemstone Jumble!Join Oscar the Owl as he guides you through each magical world in this wonderful jewel encrusted adventure. Swap and match your way through multiple worlds and more than 100 levels. Unlock exciting new game modes as you pla...

Garage Game

Simulation games

Garage Game v2.0.0

Tayo’s Garage Game is an edutainment app that kids can experience Tayo’s garage, repair shop, car wash and gas station appeared in the animation series ‘The Little Bus Tayo’ by playing mini games and simple activities....

Maximum Overdrive

Sports games

Maximum Overdrive v1.0

Maximum Overdrive is a unique driving game combined with shooting. Players take control of a variety of cars and must survive an onslaught of enemy vehicles, and defeat a variety of challenging bosses with their own unique set of weaponry. Players wi...

Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter

Shooting games

Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter v1.1.62

Have fun shooting and invite your friends!Note: Join our development blog and request features, submit bugs, give advices on how to improve the game and follow the development process of the game!...

Star Hammer VR

Interest games

Star Hammer VR v1.1

A software virus launched into the planetary defense system endangers the safety of an orbital megalopolis.Combat robots are out of control and striving to annihilate all the living. A super weapon powered by the planet core is against its creators a...

Myths of Orion

Adventure games

Myths of Orion v1.0.0

Recover three powerful books and return peace and prosperity to the Realm of Orion! The whole world is at stake, as the minions of an evil wizard are doing their best to deliver the Books of Knowledge, Law and Magic to their master. Help young enchan...


Action games

Animelee v1.1

If you cant get enough fighting game action, try getting a bit wild! In Animelee, you have the right to bear arms. Want to go fast? Go fox. Going for all out power? Crocs got you covered. See if you can handle the blistering pace and endless combos o...

Little Tailor 2

Interest games

Little Tailor 2 v1.3.081

As one of the most popular clothes-making games, Little Tailor 2 now is here and FREE to download!Design clothes, cut faics, match colors, put beautiful accessories and buttons on. In fashion boutique, you are the queen among tailors!What’s New♪ New ...