Android stand-alone games

Pixel Archer King

Interest games

Pixel Archer King v0.18

Pixel Archer King!Lets defeat monsters with retro style characters drawn with dot graphics. Anyone can play the Pixel Archer King with simple and easy operation of tapping wherever one wishes to shoot.archery best to satisfy you, bow, archer game...

Space Farmer Tom

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Space Farmer Tom v1.0.3

This game takes place in AD 2060.Let me first explain the big and small scientific events that have taken place.Year 2020Virtual reality became widespread, and its related technologies developed rapidly....

Bathroom Break

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Bathroom Break v1.8

Its frog dissection day in Biology class...If I see one more dead frog body, Im... Im going to...Oh god... No... NOOOOOO#BathroomBreak...

Six Up!

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Six Up! v1.0.3

Six Up! is a new puzzle game with easy to play game 🎮 concept!Easy rules: only tap to destroy blocks and dont let the six Hexagon fall down!Build your own strategy with the exciting six play experience!Do your best score in six and compete with your...

Hexagon King

Simulation games

Hexagon King v1.1.5

Hexagon King is an easy to play but challenging six puzzle action game, where you have to tap on blocks to remove them.The goal is to keep the six hexagon figure on the tower of blocks and not let it fall off for as long as possible.Dont rush, the si...


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Passage v1.7.3

The more you are going through passages, the more point and multiplicator you get! Control the speed of passages by simply touching your screen.The rules are simples but trust me its addictive and really fun....

Crazy Survivors

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Crazy Survivors v1.45

Spikes are falling all around you! Tap to run and jump to stay alive for as long as you can. Collect gems to unlock all of the crazy survivors! How long can you survive?! ...

Sky Run

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Sky Run v1.0.3

Leap into action as you run and jump high in the sky in this real time adventure game. Feel the thrill and excitement that Sky Run has to offer....

Angry Mafia Fighter Attack 3D

Sports games

Angry Mafia Fighter Attack 3D v1.0

The epic fight between the kung Fu master gang and mafia is on the rampage; the angry mafia fighter attack is all about surviving in between the war. Storyline: Robert’s friend Jonny, was the part of a criminal mafia fighter gang, he tried to get out...


Interest games

Cog! v1.0.8

Leap your way to the top of the clock tower◉ Elegant design and music make for a soothing experience.◉ Play in either portrait or landscape - were flexible.◉ Compete against players on our global leaderboards.◉ Unlock badges to share with your friend...

Cat Puncher

Action games

Cat Puncher v1.0

Four legged fighters from across the globe are gathering for the ultimate feline fighting tournament. Choose a cat, gather your courage and get ready to take on your opponents in an all out awl! Play on your own or pummel a friend in two-player mode!...

Forgotten Hill:Surgery

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Forgotten Hill:Surgery v1.0

Can you escape the horrors of the Surgery Clinic?You wake up in a cold and creepy room, with just some vague memories of the horrors you faced, but you know you have to escape from the Surgery Clicnic of Colonel McMillan...Face a new adventure in the...

Emoji Quest

Interest games

Emoji Quest v1.0.10

Become the strongest emoji and solve quests to help your friends and to defeat the evil....


Sports games

FreeKickFootball v1.1.1

Instal Free Kick Football World Cup and win the freekick world championship.Free Kick Football World Cup - easy and convenient free kick and penalty football 3D game, one of the best soccer simple games in Google Play Market.In this game your will be...

Time Warriors

Shooting games

Time Warriors v1.0

We happily announce Episode 2 of Time Warriors. In this second episode, you will be in never existed time Steampunk. You will be in a well designed environments, characters, weapons and costumes. This is gonna be your best multiplayer action war game...

Operasyon Suriye

Shooting games

Operasyon Suriye v1.1

Hes doing it all by himself. Air support is cut off, airborne bombing f-16 planes are not approaching to catch the radar, we only know the location of unmanned air terasters.Terrorists are in a lot of spikes and captives, you have to neutralize the e...


Interest games

PINO v1.2

The Pinocchio App enables you and your child to re-experience a lovingly digitalized classic tale together. Immerse into a state of the art application enriched with love for detail and playful graphics, offering numerous text passages, interactive e...

Lizard Simulator 3D

Simulation games

Lizard Simulator 3D v1.0

Live the life of a real gecko lizard with our animal survival simulator! Struggle against your rivals and predators, search for food, mate with the other lizards, take care ‘bout nestlings and have fun with Lizard Simulator 3D!...