Android stand-alone games

Dream Gym

Simulation games

Dream Gym v0.9.8

BEST. FREE. MANAGEMENT GAME. EVER. Welcome to My Gym, the most addictive management and tycoon game on mobiles and tablets.Create your own dream gym from scratch. Manage, expand, decorate, buy new equipment and take challenges to develop the number O...

Los XV de Rubi

Interest games

Los XV de Rubi v1.03

Los XV de Rubí están cerca, ¡pero nadie tiene su invitación aún! ¡Forma parte del fenómeno mundial y ayuda a Rubí a repartir las invitaciones para su fiesta de quinceaños!...

Live By Night

Interest games

Live By Night v1.0

Live By Night puts you in the shoes of Joe Coughlin and his gangster associates. Your job is to rob multiple banks throughout the florida area and escape with cash in hand. Evade or take out the police or anyone else who gets in your way. Upgrade you...


Adventure games

MEGA MAN 4 MOBILE v1.00.00

After restoring peace to humanitys perilous mining worlds, Mega Man has enjoyed a ief year of respite. But now, the world is once again thrown into turmoil as eight cities are overthrown by rampaging robots! Is this the work of Dr. Wily? Or some myst...


Adventure games

MEGA MAN 5 MOBILE v1.00.00

With Dr. Wilys plans foiled once more, Mega Man has settled back into a peaceful life. But nothing could have prepared him for the apparent betrayal by his own other, Proto Man... Proto Man appears at the head of a legion of maniacal robot masters, t...


Adventure games

MEGA MAN 6 MOBILE v1.00.00

With the formation of the Global Robot Alliance, world peace seems assured. However, Mr. X, a supporter of the Alliance, subverts eight powerful robots from around the world and uses them in an attempt at global domination! Can Mega Man put a stop to...

Olympus Defense

Action games

Olympus Defense v1.8.6

Game like there’s no tomorrow in this exciting tower defense. The gods of Olympus need your help!. ...

New Year Farm

Interest games

New Year Farm v1.20

The New Year has arrived! Visit Santa Claus on his farm at the North Pole. Bake Candy and Cookie! Evolve snow farm to X-mas city and magic township. Evolve Santa workshop from a farm to the magic village. Build snow town and help Santa with gifts for...

Best Petard Simulator

Simulation games

Best Petard Simulator v1.0

Best Petard SimulatorBest Cracker Simulator - a game application simulator joke, where you can use your phone as a firecracker or a cracker!Love Holiday Christmas and New Year? I like firecrackers and their sounds?Take advantage of our secure firecra...

Spin Blade 3

Interest games

Spin Blade 3 v1.2

Spin Blade 3 - Take control and spinning of your favorite Beyblade collection, and unlock the others spins blade....

Hunger Cops

Interest games

Hunger Cops v1.0.11

Dash through car traffic, maneuver, complete quests, collect donuts and unlock more than 50 new cars! Get Police Cars from different countries around the world as well as other unique models in your collection! ...


Interest games

X-Hero v2.0.0

Mutants among us! This is the truth that you will face in this game. What is more important, you are one of them. As any world with strange creators, world of mutants has it’s own rules, otherwise everything around will collapse into chaos. ...

Mini Metro

Interest games

Mini Metro v1.3.2

Mini Metro, the sublime subway simulator, now on Android devices.● BAFTA nominated● IGF award winning● Over 250,000 copies sold on desktopMini Metro is a game about designing a subway map for a growing city. Draw lines between stations and start your...


Adventure games


In the year 200X, six robots created by master roboticist Dr. Light are tampered with by the evil genius Dr. Wily, and go on a destructive rampage! Only one robot remains who can put a stop to Wily’s plans and restore world peace: the heroic Mega Man...


Adventure games

Sketchbook v1.0.3.232

Draw a Stickman: SKETCHBOOK is a FREE DEMO app that allows you to explore your creativity by giving you the freedom to draw anything! If you can think it, you can draw it! Let your imagination soar in this single sandbox level where you are given acc...

Living Alone

Interest games

Living Alone v1.6

Please graduate the college well by yourself! You should survive in this society as a student by your self!Life is alone and money makes your better life!Move out to better house and lets see your future!What is your dream job?You can make your own s...

Survival Island 2017:Savage 2

Interest games

Survival Island 2017:Savage 2 v1.4

“Hey, survivor! Get to the coast, quickly—theyre after us!From the creators of Survival Island 2016: Savage and Survival Island Online comes a continuation of the most captivating game of 2016!...

City Mouse Simulator

Simulation games

City Mouse Simulator v1.0

Live the life of a Mouse and Survive in city !!Do you love animal simulators?Are your ready for a challenging new mouse games?Squeak and squeal with City Mouse Simulator!Become a fugitive mouse – a white mouse surviving in rush city life in search of...

Turbo League

Sports games

Turbo League v1.3

Combine our Real-time physics with your driving skills and propel yourself through your opponents to blast the goal.First time ever combine the fun of soccer with racing adrenaline in a mobile game...