Action android stand-alone games

Real Gangster Crime

Action games

Real Gangster Crime v1.2

Exciting auto thief simulator.Rich 3D graphics and special effects.New map and quests!Best guns and ammunition. Try out all the weapon arsenal!Reworked tank and helicopter.Destroyable cars.This game ings you to the streets of New Vegas full of gangst...

Agent Eight Crime Streets

Action games

Agent Eight Crime Streets v1.0

When the streets are full with terror. When cops are corrupted and army is controlled by evil forces. CIA sends Agent Eight. Super-agent with special abilities and even !jetpack! He is modern hero!...

Void of Heroes

Action games

Void of Heroes v1.4.1

Void of Heroes - Epic, dark mech multiplayer battle in the far futureCreate the trinity of war: the mech, pilot and suit. Tweak the abilities of each component, and create combinations to rule the battlefield. Choose your pilot, take control of a mec...

Tower Rumble

Action games

Tower Rumble v1.255

Step onto the battlefield of Artyficia and cast your spell combos in Tower Rumble where tower defense (and offense), fast-paced action, and strategic MOBA-like gameplay blend with Match-3 mechanics for an intense, spell-slinging adventure right on y...

My Little Pony Harmony Quest

Action games

My Little Pony Harmony Quest v1.3

Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony: Harmony Quest. This app takes your kid on a magical adventure to spread the spirit of friendship across Equestria. Gather all 6 ponies, use their special powers together and save the Tree of Harmony. Chase evil...


Action games

ENYO v1.0

ENYO is a tactical roguelike about hook shield combat.Grab your hook shield and descent as Enyo, the greek goddess of war, into an ever changing labyrinth to recover 3 legendary artifacts.ENYOs gameplay is based on the idea of indirect combat. Enem...

Spin Hunters

Action games

Spin Hunters v1.1

A city conquered by zombies…Is power of love only way to get rid of invincible zombies…?!...

Taekwondo Game

Action games

Taekwondo Game v1.6.12

Discover the joy of kicking a friend’s butt and prove your worth as a taekwondo fighter in The Taekwondo Game – Global Tournament, the first ever mobile taekwondo game. Based on authentic motion-captured taekwondo movements and Olympic rules, it’s as...

MMA Fighting Clash

Action games

MMA Fighting Clash v0.91

★★★ MMA Fighting Clash ★★★ is a and new Sport Game that ings new joy to all players who like dynamic fighting games....

Samurai Creed

Action games

Samurai Creed v1.4.2

Samurai creed is the RPG fighting game in samurai style. The Monster and witches occupies the world, The only hope is samurai creed. Enjoy whole game play with nice sound effects and RPG Fighting skills. So Don’t Wait install and enjoy samurai and be...

Sin City Gangster Breakout

Action games

Sin City Gangster Breakout v1.3

Escape the jail and sneak away the guards like a real underworld don. Go for your freedom. Sin City Gangster Breakout adventure begins with a hard time to escape from a Prisoner jail along with the other lockdown criminals. Seek help from your cell i...

San Andreas Crime City 2

Action games

San Andreas Crime City 2 v1.2

***** Introducing Jet Pack, Drive a Sports Bike, Swim in Ocean ***** Intro:San Andreas Crime City 2 : Gangster Story is one of the best action games in 2016!In this game you are gangster - hero, who doesnt afraid anything. In your city mafia ruling t...

Mexico Crime City War

Action games

Mexico Crime City War v2.0.0

Join the urban war with the biggest crime gang. Beware of cops, always carry your gun with you and if you like an auto, just take it. It’s time to dominate the city. Clean it up completing different quests and enjoying new level of open-world!...

Bomb Blaster

Action games

Bomb Blaster v1.0.11

Bomb Blaster is a puzzle game where you have to clear minefields by triggering a mine and letting the explosion blast trigger the rest.Solve the puzzles using the least amount of touches to achieve higher scores.An endless mode, with procedurally gen...

Brutal Street

Action games

Brutal Street v1.2.14

The most bloody gang war has started! A new style ARPG is coming!Arm your gangsters, learn varied skills. Get thousands of different grade equipments for each gangster! Fight on the street! Face varies of enemies! Defeat them and take all their terri...

Skill Fighters

Action games

Skill Fighters v3.0

Join Ninja Skill Fighters to free their suffering from the past injustices. Prepare for the battle and protect your village against the insiders of their peaceful world. Increase your power to unleash them with amazing skill magics and combat styles!...

Sin City Crime Squad

Action games

Sin City Crime Squad v1.2

It’s time to rule the streets of Sin City by fighting with your rival security cops with new weapons and build your own crime squad empire who can even do suicide attack on police officers. After a hard time escaping from a high security prison along...

Get The Russian Mafia

Action games

Get The Russian Mafia v2.0.0

Prepare to immerse into the world of gangster wars. Are you ready to have criminally good fun? Beware of cops, always carry your gun with you and if you like an auto, just take it. It’s time to dominate the city. Clean it up completing different ques...

3D Police Horse Racing Extreme

Action games

3D Police Horse Racing Extreme v1

So you think you can catch criminals on a horse ? Riding a horse ain’t easy but luckily this police horse is a skilled one! He won’t make it your job easy, but we think you think control it! In 3D Police Horse Racing Extreme it’s all about racing ...