Puzzle android stand-alone games

Hex Stone

Puzzle games

Hex Stone v1.210

In the world which is full of stone spirits, the ancient totemic stone were stucked in the Stonehenge, you need to slide icks to rescue the totemic stone as soon as possible!...

Into The Sky

Puzzle games

Into The Sky v1.03

Youll need to think ahead and use creativity to work out which objects to use, and where to use them. Starting out very simple, the puzzles become increasingly difficult and more complex. Multiple lasers, multiple targets, portals, mirrors, beam spli...

Picross Luna:Nonograms

Puzzle games

Picross Luna:Nonograms v1.0.6

Why don’t you travel to a sentimental and beautiful story hidden in the puzzle? This is a story that has come down since long ago. It is said a cursed moon keeper was keeping the flower and tree alone that bloomed in a blue crescent moon that emerged...

Sushi Swap

Puzzle games

Sushi Swap v1.0.4

Give your ain a workout with this fun, addictive, simple but challenging puzzle game. If you love sushi and puzzles this is just the game for you!...

Rubes Lab

Puzzle games

Rubes Lab v1.0

We are happy to present you “Rubes Lab” — a physics-based puzzle game with a vivid interactive world.The game was inspired by the artwork of Rube Goldberg, a renowned engineer and cartoonist. Venture into the world where you`ll need to save Rubes Lab...

Air Penguin Puzzle

Puzzle games

Air Penguin Puzzle v1.0.1

Enjoyed by over 40 million players throughout the world.Enough of same old 3-match puzzle game! Join Air Penguin and his friends and defeat the evil sharks!◈ Up, Down, Left, and Right? Only 6 directions? No! Lets enjoy complete freedom in puzzle matc...

Word Cookies

Puzzle games

Word Cookies v1.0.5

Worlds best words puzzle game Words CookiesThis is a new word puzzle game created by BitMango, the creator of HIT app, Roll the Ball™ - slide puzzle and Block hexa puzzle !Word Cookies is a very fun and exciting word puzzle game, it makes you keep pl...

Matches Puzzles Free

Puzzle games

Matches Puzzles Free v2.0

Can you solve the puzzle with matches?Finally I got the newest game about the match, but rather a puzzle with matches. Exciting game with different tasks and a huge number of levels. Choose the level of difficulty for yourself and play the latest hit...

Amazer Pro Find your way

Puzzle games

Amazer Pro Find your way v1.0.1

«Amazer Pro» — the most popular and interesting 2D maze game for your smartphone and tablet. Become familiar with the concept throughout the first levels and then improve your skills to overcome enemies and obstacles. You will be facing a unique game...

Memory Limit

Puzzle games

Memory Limit v0.62

This ain teaser is the best game to train your ain by following and remembering rules. A delightfully constructed memory test that grows in complexity and appeal the deeper in you go....


Puzzle games

Wheelie7:Detective v1.0.1

Wheely decided it would be a good idea to open a bank account. But a gang of cars robbed the bank!Help Wheely to catch bank robbers!...

Eternal Maze Puzzle Adventure

Puzzle games

Eternal Maze Puzzle Adventure v1.1

Inspired by crop circles, Eternal Maze is a puzzle adventure game about a farmer who is trapped in corn mazes. Find the map, find the monoliths, avoid the dogs and survive to escape from the mazes!...

The Station

Puzzle games

The Station v0.2.0

“The Station” is an interactive sci-fi novella set in turbulent times, which the protagonist has a hard time remembering. Its an orbital rabbit hole tale developed by gold extra with Causa Creations support. Text by Georg Hobmeier and Frances d’Ath, ...


Puzzle games

Apart v1.01

Apart is a puzzle game where you control two lost characters, Red and Blue. Both characters move at the same time and both in the direction you swipe. Avoid obstacles and lead them together by using the surroundings to your advantage....

Can You Escape 5

Puzzle games

Can You Escape 5 v1.0.4

Can You Escape 5 - room escape games just reached the new level!Let us present you the fifth episode of the legendary Can You Escape series!Can You Escape 5 ings the classical room escape back to you! This time we have prepared 18 different rooms for...

Escape Game Kidnapped Boy

Puzzle games

Escape Game Kidnapped Boy v1.0.0

Escape Game: Kidnapped Boy is a point and click escape game. A boy has been kidnapped and tied up in a house. You must help the boy escape from the house by untying him. Find ways and means to help the boy escape from the kidnapper by interacting wit...

Masha rescues grandma escape

Puzzle games

Masha rescues grandma escape v1.3

Once there was Masha in the hut, which was located in the woods. One day Masha received a letter from her grandmother, where my grandmother invited her favorite granddaughter to visit for the cakes.You will play Masha, your job is to go on an adventu...