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WhatsApp Business APK

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WhatsApp Business offers you the opportu

Description of WhatsApp Business APK

WhatsApp Business offers you the opportunity to establish a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more effectively with your customers, and promote the growth of your business. If you maintain distinct numbers for personal and business purposes, the same device can accommodate both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger with separate numbers. In addition to all the features of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business provides the following capabilities:

BUSINESS PROFILE: Create a business profile featuring website, location, or contact info to enable customers find key information.

BUSINESS MESSAGING TOOLS: Utilize Away messages to let customers know when you are unavailable or Greeting messages to send an initial message upon receiving a customer's message.

LANDLINE/FIXED NUMBER SUPPORT: Use a landline or fixed number for WhatsApp Business, allowing for customer messaging on that specific number. During verification, select “Call me” to receive a phone call for code validation.

RUN BOTH WHATSAPP MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP BUSINESS: Install both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone, with a distinct number associated with each app.

WHATSAPP WEB: Manage customer messaging more efficiently through your computer's browser.

WhatsApp Business is built upon the foundation of WhatsApp Messenger, offering multimedia messaging, free calls*, free international messaging*, group chat, offline messaging, and other features that you rely on. Some data charges may apply; contact your service provider for further details.

Note: If you restore a chat backup from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Business, reverting back to WhatsApp Messenger will not be possible. Before proceeding with WhatsApp Business, consider copying a backup of your WhatsApp Messenger chats to your computer.


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WhatsApp Business APK

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