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Flash Party Apk Download Latest Version for Android
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Attention all Stardust Warriors! Get rea

Description of Flash Party Apk Download Latest Version

Attention all Stardust Warriors! Get ready for the ultimate party with the brand new version of this fun-filled and exciting fighting game, Stardust Warriors. Flash Party is a mobile platform fighter where you can control the most interesting heroes in this thrilling fighting party. Attack, jump, dodge, and block...do whatever it takes to throw your opponents off-stage with all sorts of moves!

Choose from over 20 distinctive heroes with more on the way! With the arrival of "Stardust Warriors," the battle style receives an overall upgrade with 4 different classes, each with distinctive mechanisms. Discover your unique style and become the next party star!

To win the party, simply knock everyone else off-stage! Attack the heroes controlled by other players and increase the Knock-out Score above their head. The higher the KO Score, the more susceptible they are to knock-outs.

Meet all kinds of unique original characters, like a chubby snowman, a God of Trial that descends from heaven, a high school girl with an apple-shaped head, and an idol singer admired by all. These characters and many more are waiting for you in the exciting Flash Party battles! We currently have over 20 heroes on our roster, and more to come!

The battle mechanism is overhauled with the new version "Stardust Warriors"! The heroes are categorized into four types: All-rounder, Assaulter, Powerhouse, and Impeder; each has an exclusive fighting mechanism. With all this and more, the game promises to keep players entertained for hours on end. So, assemble your team of Stardust Warriors and let the party begin!


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Flash Party Apk Download Latest Version

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