Shimmer and Shine: Carpet Ride

Shimmer and Shine: Carpet Ride

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Preschoolers learn basic math concepts o

Description of Shimmer and Shine: Carpet Ride

Preschoolers learn basic math concepts on an enchanted carpet ride with Nick Jr.’s mega-popular magic genies, Shimmer and Shine! Help these genies-in-training practice a little genie magic – all while learning problem solving skills endorsed by Pre-K educational experts! Shimmer and Shine: Enchanted Carpet Ride Game is an app that invites kids to fly through four magical locations in Zahramay Falls, collecting genie coins and finding hidden treasure chests along the way. Collect all the genie jewels to open a jewelry box and reveal a special prize!

Boom Zahramay! Let’s fly up and away!

This app also includes lots of educational opportunities for preschoolers who love Shimmer and Shine:
1. Strengthens children’s understanding of shapes through consistent verbal and visual references.
2. Develops children’s ability to recognize patterns and use deductive reasoning.
3. Encourages children to practice their observation and problem-solving skills.


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Shimmer and Shine: Carpet Ride

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