WWII Zombies Survival

WWII Zombies Survival

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WWII Zombies Survival is a first person

Description of WWII Zombies Survival

WWII Zombies Survival is a first person shooting game. As an army commando kill zombies to escape haunted town of world war (ww2).

Nothing in this game is same as what you are used to playing as you will be entering the virtual world of zombies, the zombie abandoned town. You can only imagine the horrors you will face in this frightening new combatant versus evil walking dead Nazis that you were covertly sent to destroy. This could be a tactic of foul ruling snake at the head of this second world wide war to bring down the moral of your militia. You will lead your squad of brave soldiers into the enemy lair to unleash your furry of this unfairness by blowing whole mass of the dead to smithereens. Truly send these vile creatures on the road of death by shooting nonstop in this epic Second World War game play. Be a part of this historical virtually realistic game play that will boggle your mind as you go head-on with the army of nazi zombies. Pick up your guns, roam the ghost town, survive the attacks of these dead crooks and keep firing killing shots from your blood covered guns to send these non-dead nazix to sleep of forever.

You are informed by your superiors that the location of new western army campsite is a zombie town over populated with dead nazi soldiers. You must clear that village of all the dirty white dead men, so go crazy firing killing and maiming these non-living beings until the whole town is free of their evil. Choose from the world war infantry weaponry system and go on a zombie hunt. The only weapons that will work in eliminating this new threat of deceased walkers are old world war weapons like ?Vz. 24, ?Mannlicher M1895, Beretta Model 38, Ruby pistol as well as M1 Grand, Bar, M3, M14, Colt 1911 and finally a Bazooka. You will be equipped with the antique artillery so get used to this awesome story of zombie gaming mode in metropolis of zombies. Experience a dramatic story highlighting one of the most dramatic and historical instants of World War II as a young soldier and facing the unforgiving reality of war against evil nazi zombie crooks alongside your companions in arms.

All the tasks given in this thrilling game is very sensitive, and you have to complete each one to move on the next mission. The difficulty meter increases with every mission, so be careful and read the objectives of the task carefully.

Amazing and smooth controllers: help the player to accurately aim and shoot at zombies.
Realistic 3D graphics: for real life experience for gamers in this free downloadable fps gaming app.

Unique game play: features zombie town, player will use stealth to overcome this new threat to the world.

Contains slow motion effects: which will be really entertaining for the player to watch and play.

Engaging sounds and background music with zombies groaning, soldiers shouting and gun fire shooting/reloading of guns.


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WWII Zombies Survival

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