I can't sleep

I can't sleep

v1.0 for Android
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Because it's not your pillow, so you can't sleep.

Description of I can't sleep

"I can not sleep" is a 3D platform crawling game that depicts the fatigue of modern life. You're going to play a man who's exhausted to the point where he's trying to fight sleepiness, holding up a pillow vacuum in order to stay awake, avoid hypnotic pillows, smash frames and flowerpots. In humorous and embarrassed life, we can harvest humor, humor, but amiable pleasures.

Game Review

1.The game is still developing, and the current content may change in the future.
Note: the game is now open to beta on PC platform!!!
Entering QQ group 689250707 can easily download game demo for trial play.
Slow and awkward wriggling.
Strong spirit and sleepy sense of hard steel.
Magic rhythm and life breath.
Steering: mouse pointer azimuth
Sprint: hold down the left key and store it, then let go.
Roll over: hold down the right button and drag toward the side of the body.


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I can't sleep

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