Red police came to the BT version

Red police came to the BT version

v1.0 for Android
3.0 | 168+ Installs

Use your military talent to conquer the world!

Description of Red police came to the BT version

commander to play the game. Various weapon players can collect and use it. In the game, they feel the exciting competitive gameplay, adding the instant strategy element. Among them, the elements of the combination of moba and cards are included in the game. Feel the strategic competitive gameplay in the game, enrich the on-line benefits, etc. You can collect and use it in the game. You can easily play the global service in the game, you can play the strategy to conquer the world!

Game Review

1. Joined many levels of surprise design, one server for global warfare;

2, many weapons in the game real restore, full of strategic military showdown gameplay;

3, provide a lot of maps to fight, rich online benefits waiting for you to receive!



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    2018-8-21 17:47:21
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Red police came to the BT version

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