the game of Black Command

the game of Black Command

v1.0 for Android
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Become a commander and experience the real battlefield!

Description of the game of Black Command

Want to be a commander of the sky on the battlefield? Want to be there to experience the challenges of the battlefield? The black command is such a simulation game. The game will restore the battle scene. You will become a commander and you will make various choices and commands. Every choice and command is related to the victory of every war, and you also You can get all kinds of victories on the battlefield by cultivating the various skills and ranks of the mercenaries. Fight, boy!

game introduction:

1. The black command is a simulated military game;

2. In the game, there is a company that provides any military services such as combat and policing, that is, the civil military club "PMC";

3. You are the operator and commander of PMC. You need to train the strongest troops to go to war;

4, in the dispute zone, there will be a variety of tasks at the same time, the formation of troops, route selection, attack judgment, always pay attention to the battlefield changes, are your mission!

Game features:

1. The scene of the battlefield is grand, and the battlefield is truly restored. Let you experience the real scene of the war. As a commander, you need to remember that the life of your team members is in your hands;

2, as many as 150 kinds of guns and various equipment, for military fans, it is really able to touch a variety of restricted-level control guns, this game is simply your choice;

3, mercenaries also have their own level and skills, are the commanders need to consider, according to different tasks, select the appropriate mercenary to complete, in order to reach the end;

4, and your teammates tacit cooperation, to work hard to win the war victory!


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the game of Black Command

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