A Way To Slay

A Way To Slay

v1.04 for Android
3.0 | 240+ Installs

Medieval style 3D action mobile game.

Description of A Way To Slay

A Way To Slay is an action puzzle game where you need tactical and logical thinking.You will face knights, warriors, mercenaries, pirates, orcs, assassins and even modern mafia.Think about battle strategies and deliver hundreds of different levels in all ages, from the real world to the fantasy world.

Game features

1.Fight with the knights in the Middle Ages or join the oriental theme with the samurai. Try to beat all the pirates and fight the Mafia.

2.Katana, a medieval two-handed sword, even a scribbled scythe, not just a small arsenal.who are you? Rangers, samurai, knights or modern professional killers in this game - it depends on you!

3.At first you will encounter one or two enemies, but there will be dozens of enemies soon. Think about tactics and find a way to beat them.

4.On your way, you will face such diverse enemies, from ordinary soldiers to powerful Boss.

5.Graphic, visual and sound effects make you completely immersed in the game.


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A Way To Slay

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