Cross the fire line gun warlord 2019 experience service

Cross the fire line gun warlord 2019 experience service

v1.0.60.280 for Android
4.0 | 322+ Installs

Bring you the most fun shooting experience.

Description of Cross the fire line gun warlord 2019 experience service

Crossing the FireWire Warrior King 2019 experience suit is a very classic FPS shooting match game, presumably also the memories of many small partners in childhood, the artifact cuts the gun, also supports the function of changing bullets, and launches more hero weapons for everyone. These people feel very stable, and they don't feel very expensive. You can get black M4 or bayonet AK for 5 yuan. These experiences are not available in other games, so you can experience wonderful combat effects. Oh.

Game Features:

1. The game contains a lot of guns and ammunition, so that you can play better, it is so sour;

2. You can also feel different gameplay, very image, including different game change scene effects;

3. Each match is very shocking, you can also team up with the friends to kill the enemy, the game is very exciting.

Game Review:

I personally also love to play CFM through the fire line gun war king, can really mention the new weapons and maps, remember when I was sitting in the Internet cafe.

The time when the brothers played together in the Giant City, I feel very nostalgic, and now the mobile game is also very good, especially the version of the experience service, the weaponry is very real.

update log:

Version: v1.0.60.280 Time: 2018.11.30

[Desert Island Special Training Mode Announcement]
Mode introduction:
1, mode highlights
a) Wide game scene, multiple terrain vegetation buildings, do Voldemort or Steel Gun King
b) Whether the rich props and firearms system is rich in the whole process
c) Vehicle system that can be driven by yourself, Buick Regal, armored vehicles and Mobike
d) Thrilling gun battle PK, many years of experience in steel gun test here
e) Deep and diverse competitive strategy, guarding the bridge, running map, Voldemort always have a suitable for you
f) Teams are open, exchanges and cooperation are the only magic weapon to win
2. Exclusive entrance:
a) Old player: Connect to the interface of the hall, click on the desert island special training in the mode square
b) New player: Select to enter the desert island special training mode on the login interface
3, winning method: go to the 4 million square meters of desert island, skydiving to a random location, avoid the invasion of sandstorms, collect all kinds of weapons, eliminate other players or teams, live to the final victory.


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Cross the fire line gun warlord 2019 experience service

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