MapleStory:Knights of Cygnus

MapleStory:Knights of Cygnus

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MapleStory: Cygnus Knights Edition invit

Description of MapleStory:Knights of Cygnus

MapleStory: Cygnus Knights Edition invites you on a side-scrolling adventure featuring colorful worlds, zany acters, and explosive skills. A rich quest tells the story of the rise of Cygnus, while mini-games let you enjoy the entire MapleStory experience, from online matches to monster riding.

★ Features ★

- Play through the origins of the Dawn Warrior and the Blaze Wizard in the biggest mobile MapleStory game to date!

- Explore 12 new, never-before-seen areas!

- Experience new kinds of quests!

- Hop from platform to platform, zoom down conveyer belts, and bounce off springboards for that classic arcade feel!

- Tame and ride monsters for the first time in a mobile MapleStory game!

- Try for the high score in 4 new mini-games!

- Arrange the UI how you like it with the new custom touch interface!

- Post ads and messages to all the other players in Maple World with the Ad Board!

- Use the mailbox to send and receive mail from your fellow Maplers!


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MapleStory:Knights of Cygnus

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