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Once you Pop, you just cant stop!This be

Description of Pop Star

Once you Pop, you just cant stop!

This best seller game is now available for Android!

Excellent Game! ★★★★★

"Now my current favorite game! Strategic, addictive and challenging fun for everyone! Replay value is high! I keep improving! This should be on everyones favorite Android game list! Great game!"

Cant get my thumbs off it ★★★★★

"I used to play Popstar on the iPhone but now I am so glad that I found Popping Stars for Android. The graphics in this Popping Stars for Android is even better than iPhones Popstar!"

-=== How to Play ===-

- Just tap two or more blocks of the same color.

- There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage.

Tips on Scoring:

- Remember just two rules below:

1. The more blocks you pop, the more score you will get

2. Try to clear all block, you will get a lot of bonus.

-=== NOTE ===-

This is the Free version of Popping Stars and can only play up to the 5th level. It is also ad-supported.

For unlimited Popping and Fun, try out the full version which is also ads-free!


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Pop Star

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