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  • Updated: 2012-2-27 14:10:20

Game description: once you start to play,you wont to be stop.
Unicorn is a simple action game with brilliant fun.
The unicorn running in the jungle on the sky.Keeping jump and running faster to obtain higher score.
It is a addictive game, once you start to play,you wont to be stop.You will always running and challenge yourself for higher score in anytime and anywhere.
What are you waiting for? Lets goooooooooo!

Unicorn Dash reviews

  1. #1  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-5-7 13:46:18

    this is the best game

  2. #2  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-5-18 5:57:44

    Bor is dat jeil ey

  3. #3  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-7-4 16:13:35

    I like bcz download link apper fast & every thing available here

  4. #4  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-7-4 16:14:13

    I like bcz download link apper fast & every thing available here
     naresh jain 

  5. #5  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-7-8 12:24:38

    i love unicorn dash game

  6. #6  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-7-16 16:37:40

    very nice 2 play dis unicorn dash game ........... love u unicorn dash

  7. #7  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-7-17 22:53:12

    how can i download and use this game.please guide me friends

  8. #8  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-7-19 13:17:17

    I love unicorn dash its so funn n cool 

  9. #9  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-7-30 17:40:51

    too good gameee 

  10. #10  58302012-8-4 23:52:28

    good game high record 38600. 

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