Ares virus

Ares virus

v1.0.1 for Android
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Survive in the desperate doomsday world.

Description of Ares virus

Ares virus is a survival mobile game. In the world of survival games, not only need to arm yourself, but also need to pay attention to food and clothing, sickness... We walk on the edge of good and evil, we will meet people of all kinds, face Is the choice to be a kind-hearted kindness or a succumb to the instinct to survive?

Game features

1.More fun battles, focus on the fun of combat operations, require players to hide and hide, and fight back at the right time. Monsters are also given the "wisdom" by us. In the case of danger, the turtles will shrink to the shells, the wild dogs that will play the kites, the bee colonies that protect the hive, the bison that will become mad after anger, the spiders that will lay eggs, etc. Wait.
2.In the game, you will encounter some special events in the forest, and you will accidentally find a cave in a corner; you can also explore in the city, but the house is waiting for you, maybe an NPC that needs help, of course May be a group of dangerous "infected people".

3.Carefully design each NPC story, I hope that players can experience the friendship, affection, right and wrong and human touch in the story. The seemingly insignificant plots have no direct interaction with each other, but they are inextricably linked.

4.In the world of "Aris Virus", you may feel desperate, you will feel anger, you will also feel the desire of the weak in the desolate world, but more is the intense, exciting game we created with our heart. Experience. You can show your strategy, skill and ability to control the big picture. It may also be involved in some plots and quagmire of right and wrong.


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Ares virus

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