LG e510 Games

LG e510 mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. LG e510 games channel to provide green, safe LG e510 games download.
Pet contest salon

Interest games

Pet contest salon v1.1

A pet contest is coming to town! Do you have the skills to win? Grab your dog and prepare to wow the judges! First, youll need to train your pup to behave and walk down the catwalk like a pro. Theyll have to do just right as these judges are very pic...

Burger Cafe 2

Interest games

Burger Cafe 2 v4

Welcome to the burger cafe where you can learn to quickly cook delicious sandwiches, burgers and desserts in this absolutely FREE game with no in-game purchases! Today is our special day! You can order a burger of incredible size, unless of course yo...


Interest games

SkyScraper3D v1.0.5

Build a skyscrapper as high as you can. When it falls you lose.*Honest 3D physics*Realistic 3D graphicsPlay with friends, set new records. Be careful, it`s very addictive!...

Blobs Adventure

Adventure games

Blobs Adventure v1.02

Blob has crashed his space ship on Blobland, and must find a new rocket to escape before the Alienblobs catch him! The latest game from TurboNUKE is a simple and fun tilting maze labyrinth style puzzle game. The game takes you through grassy, rocky,...


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Kiziland v1.0.4

Evolve two of a kind to unlock new curious and fun creatures. Explore Kizi’s planet through land, ocean and space. Earn stars and coins to boost your progress. Unlock Super-Kizi with special powers that have never been revealed before!...


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JellySpeed v1.0

Enjoy Jelly Speed with endless gameplay and super funny action on mobile! Just rotate the falling jelly and move it to the right position to clear the line away. Don’t forget to discover hidden items and challenges in game. Bad or Good Items, It depe...


Interest games

Curvatron v1.0

Addicting and minimalist snake game, controlled with a single touchbutton.Includes several game modes:* Normal Mode - classic snake, with a few twists;* Endless Mode - no collectibles, the snake doesnt stop growing* Old School Mode - mind bending nos...

Nr. 01

Puzzle games

Nr. 01 v1.0

Nr. 01 is a unique new puzzle game from redBit games. Nr. 01 uses numbers to push you to the limits of your ain even if its not a math game....

Bubble Blast 3D

Puzzle games

Bubble Blast 3D v1.0.14

Bubble Blast makes a comeback and this time around the fun happens in 3D! Following in the footstep of the famous Bubble Blast 2 which was downloaded over 25 Million times across the globe, Bubble Blast 3D will let you rediscover the addictive pleasu...

Ding Dong

Interest games

Ding Dong v1.00

DING DONG is a minimalist, challenging, and fast paced one touch arcade gameTouch the screen to move, avoid all the obstacles, and keep moving or explode.An incredibly addictive and fast score chaser....

Pepper connect

Puzzle games

Pepper connect v1.0.4

Pepper connect is a puzzle game of simple-mechanic but very addictive.The objective of the game is to connect peppers of the same color. Use your intelligence and cunning to achieve high score and be careful to not cross lines! Competing against the ...

Monkey Adventure

Adventure games

Monkey Adventure v1.1.0

This is a journey full of dangers. You may meet different obstacles and enemies! You need to collect as much bananas as possible! Some bananas are hidden that will take you a lot of time to find! Just explore the whole map! It’s not so easy to find a...

Top Gear:Caravan Crush

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Top Gear:Caravan Crush v1.3.2

The official BBC Top Gear Game!Start your engines and crush as many caravans as you can in Top Gear’s Caravan Crush, the ultimate car-to-caravan faceoff. Brace for Top Gears dry taste for destruction, British Banter and, of course, The Stig.Join in o...


Interest games

Snooze v1.3

Snooze is an endless runner game.Play as Snooze, a little alarm clock who were captured by the organizer of robots fight tournaments.Avoid the traps and try to go as far as you can. Sounds easy? Its easy to play but hard to master.Listen to an amazin...

Tour de France 2015

Sports games

Tour de France 2015 v1.1.6

The Tour de France official game! Enjoy the best cycling simulation on your mobiles tablets. This year enjoy our new features: create your own team, introduction of team power in the new multiplayer mode, choose your riders and buy new ones, new ani...

Fell Escape Cyrocon

Interest games

Fell Escape Cyrocon v1.0.6

Beat your own high scores and compete with other player scores in your geography to become the reigning champion of the city you are currently in! As a reigning champion, your feats will be known to all players in cities you choose to dominate!...

Prehistoric Mystery

Interest games

Prehistoric Mystery v3.5.0

Lucy and Darwin live with Lucy’s old uncle, Hermit, far away from the different tribes which hate each other and and never stop fighting.But Lucy will have to help them and solve the mystery of the various thefts which have taken place in their camps...

Clarence Blamburger

Interest games

Clarence Blamburger v1.0.4

Clarence wants to build the perfect burger, but when Sumo throws some firecrackers in the mix, the food goes flying! See how many burgers you can catch in Blamburger!SERVE UP SOME FUNUse simple and intuitive touch controls to catch falling ingredient...


Interest games

BoxRoller v1.0

Guide Robbie the robot box through the moving maze in this highly addictive endless roller and rocket game.Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour to play, BoxRoller never falls short of keeping you entertained....

Yandere Simulator

Simulation games

Yandere Simulator v1.0

Yandere Simulator is a simulation of a schoolgirl who is ready to kill all for the love of her boyfriend Senpai! The game has 4 weapons: a screwdriver, an ax, a sledgehammer and a sword get every weapon and prove your love for Senpai!...