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Fairy Princess

Simulation games

Fairy Princess v8.8.7.601

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Emma. Everyone admired her. The princess was intelligent, elegant and ave. This cute girl lived happily in her wonderful kingdom. day, a jealous and naughty witch put a spell on her! Now...

Squirrel Animal simulator

Simulation games

Squirrel Animal simulator v1.0

Live the life of a real male or female squirrel with our animal survival simulator! Behave as a real adult red squirrel – struggle against your opponents and predators, search for food, mate with the other squirrels, take care ‘bout cubs and have fun...


Simulation games

WaspCitySimulator v1.0

Meet absolutely new City Insect Wasp Simulator 3D – game for all the animal and insect simulator lovers! Become a pretty wild insect — forest Wasp – visiting the big city! Plunge into the town streets, blocks and enjoy the beautiful urban microworld....

CargoTruck Simulator 2017 3d

Simulation games

CargoTruck Simulator 2017 3d v1.0.1

Buckle up seat belt and set behind the wheels to Play the best cargo truck driver game of 2017. You are a real truck driver that ensure cargo delivery at time in this truck driver 3d.Don’t be a mad trucker simulator driver that entertains people with...

Drone Sniper Simulator

Simulation games

Drone Sniper Simulator v1.2

We all love sniping and shooting games right? Well, we also have a passion for drones, UAV or whatever you want to call them. Sitting in the office on day, I thought we have done drone racing and it was pretty fun, we have done hunting games with all...

Happy Room:Robo

Simulation games

Happy Room:Robo v1.7.0

Welcome to the laboratory!Here tests are taken upon highly durable robots using newest weapon technologies. Your goal is to head these tests. Will you destroy the test object using all available arsenal? Here is a wide range of various weapons waitin...

Salt Chef

Simulation games

Salt Chef v1.0.1

Flip your way to chef supremacy in this fun and exciting new tap game like Salt Bae!Reproduce the moves on the screen to get good combos and perfectly cook your meat....

Cookie Yummy

Simulation games

Cookie Yummy v1.0.132

Have you got the moves? First class cookie game is ready for you now!Swap, switch and match 3 or more candies in this sweetly fun matching game. Sail around delicious Cookie Yummy! ...

Tourist Transporter Ship

Simulation games

Tourist Transporter Ship v1.0.1

After the overwhelming response of Army Criminals Transport Plane Army Criminals Transport Ship Fazo Studio presents another transport game to expand our transport games series, we ing Tourist Transporter Ship Game packed with Tourist bus driver sim...

Top Seed

Simulation games

Top Seed v2.3.3

Manage the career of a young promising tennis player on his way to the top! Participate in pro tennis tournaments, rank up and keep training to increase your experience. Hire carefully your staff and take decisions on which tactics to use based on th...

Tarantula Simulator 3D

Simulation games

Tarantula Simulator 3D v1.0

Start your own wild adventure in this realistic micro world with Tarantula Simulator 3D! Show who is the best poisonous spider here! Seek for prey, find a mate, make a family, fight scorpions and other tarantula females and have fun!Run across the pl...

Butterfly Insect Simulator 3D

Simulation games

Butterfly Insect Simulator 3D v1.0

Start your own wild adventure in this realistic micro world with Butterfly Insect Simulator 3D!Live a life of the real butterfly with our animal survival simulator! Meet absolutely new Butterfly Insect Simulator 3D – game for all the animals simulato...

Kangaroo Survival Simulator

Simulation games

Kangaroo Survival Simulator v1.0

Ever dreamed to become a mighty Australian beast – kangaroo? Live a whole life of this beautiful creature from little cub to the old and wise animal! Check our Kangaroo Survival Simulator and have fun!...

Frog Survival Simulator 3D

Simulation games

Frog Survival Simulator 3D v1.0

Welcome to the micro world! Become one of the most interesting creatures – little colorful frog! Live a life of this beautiful little amphibian, explore surroundings, find your mate and raise your own family in Frog Survival Simulator 3D!This little ...

Offroad Rover

Simulation games

Offroad Rover v2.0.1

This luxury 4x4 SUV driving simulator ensures realistic car damage and accurate driving physics. A free app lets you drive an off-road vehicle and even drift. There are three different game modes to choose from. 1. CITY. In the CITY mode you are part...

Rabbit Animal Simulator

Simulation games

Rabbit Animal Simulator v1.0

Become a wild rabbit – graceful and cute animal! Enjoy the wilderness, run across the woods, plains, and hills, communicate other animals, mate with females and raise up bunnies! Feel as a little herbivore surviving in the cruel northern forests and ...

Jurassic Spinosaurus Simulator

Simulation games

Jurassic Spinosaurus Simulator v1.0

Welcome to the wonderful prehistoric world! Live a life of a popular carnivorous monster – Spinosaurus! Run through the forests and plains, hunt different animals and dinos, feed on herbivores, raise up nestlings and have fun with Jurassic Spinosauru...

Derby Demolition Simulator Pro

Simulation games

Derby Demolition Simulator Pro v1.04

Add your favorite car!Write your favorite vehicles in comments and we will add them in the next update!One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based derby games ever made!Uncontrollable battlesQuickly take the car and go to smash! Lets see...

Tower Crane Operator Simulator

Simulation games

Tower Crane Operator Simulator v1.0.2

Gear up play first ever mega construction tower crane game in Google play store like never before. Tower Crane Operator Simulator offers you to drive and operate fork lift and magnet cranes machinery on dry port in the city....